Digital Edition

A Digital Edition is a digital version of a book, or series of books. The book is digitized in its entirety and made available on the web with navigation and/or search functions. The digital edition may also include extra material such as bibliographies or contextual essays by Smithsonian librarians or curators.

Digital Collection

A Digital Collection is a group of related items - books, photographs, pamplets, etc. Some of our digital collections include digital versions of, or images from, the original items (for example, the digitized trade literature in our Seed Catalogs collection include the scanned covers of the catalogs) while some only include an inventory of holdings in that collection (for example, our Artist Files collection.)

Online Exhibition

Our Online Exhibitions includes both digital counterparts of physical exhibitions that the Libraries holds across the country or in our exhibition space in the National Museum of American History, as well as purely online exhibitions. Both highlight important or interesting aspects of our vast collection.

Bibliographies, Fact Sheets, Guides, etc.

The Libraries also produces smaller web publications that to help you find information such as finding aids to our collections, fact sheets, bibliographies, suggested reading lists, inventories of non-print holdings (audio, video)in our collections, webcasts, podcasts,

Library Publications

The Libraries publishes an Annual Report, and a quartlery newsletter Connection, along with occaisional lectures.