Footnotes Part II

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7Steward (1939, p.15) erroneously conjectured that this breastplate was "probably made of manufactured bone brought to these people by the traders." In 1873 trade hair pipes of bone had not been invented. These hair pipes must have been shell ones.

8BAE negs. 3127-a, 3140-a, 3180-a, 3186-a, 3312-a.

9White Eagle certainly was acquainted with the use of shell hair pipes in the construction of
breastplates.  See his portrait showing him wearing a breastplate in 1877 (pl. 27, b).

10BAE negs: 651-a (Sauk and Fox); 3878-a, 3884 (Oto); 1193, 1198-a-b (Tonkawa); 1367-a (Caddo).

11Schmidt and Brown (1948) reproduce photographs of a number of prominent Teton Dakota
leaders wearing hair-pipe breastplates, including Crow King, American Horse, Charging Bear, Fast Bear,
Kicking Bear, Little Big Man, Little Wound, Low Dog, Short Bull, and Young-Man-Afraid-of-His-Horses.

12BAE negs.: 3755-c (Assiniboin); 3972-a (Omaha); 3518-a (Yanktonai); 3580-a, 3582-a, 3692-a,
3594-a (Yankton).

13BAE negs.: 1706 (Bannock); 3000-b (Flathead); 2862-b (Yakima); 1704-c (Shoshoni); 2987-b-9 (Nez Percé); 2902-b-28 (Walla Walla); 3012-c-6 (Sinkiuse).