Footnotes Part III

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14BAE neg. 1305-a (Pawnee man), Div. Ethnology, USNM, print (White Eagle, Ponca).

15Photographic references:  BAE negs. 3799-a, 3784-a (Winnebago); 4022-a-b, 3016-a-b, 3958
(Omaha); 3728-a-b (Assiniboin); Div. Ethnology, USNM, print (Hidatsa); BAE neg. 3588-a (Yankton); Chicago
Mus. Nat. Hist. neg. 26656 (Gros Ventres).

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2890-b-5 (Umatilla); 3073-b-69, 3073-b-46 (Cayuse); 2902-b-19 (Walla Walla).

17Both of these photographs have been published: the former in Hodge (1907, pt. 1, p. 223), the latter
in Densmore (1913, pl. 26).

18Photographic references: BAE negs. 4016-a, 4019, 3958 (Omaha); 2901-c (Palouse); 3073-b-8, 3073-b-9,
3073-b-15, 3073-b-44, 3073-b-54, 3073-b-70-1, 3073-b-69 (Cayuse); 2890-b-4, 2890-b-18, 2890-b-25 (Umatilla); 2902-b-27
(Walla Walla); 2899-b-2 (Wasco).

19Pictorial references: BAE negs. 1406-a-1-2 (Kiowa); 3828-a, 3831-a, 3856-a, 3870-a, 3877-a, 3829-b, 3858-a (Oto);
645-a, 685-a-1 (Sauk and Fox); 3947-a, 3958 (Omaha); 3801-a (Winnebago); 1201-a (Tonkawa); 1947-a, 1957-a (Santa
Clara); 3593 (Yankton).

20Pictorial references: BAE negs 673, 648-a, 668-a, 668, 669 (Sauk and Fox); 3873-a, 3892-b (Oto); 1188-a 
(Tonkawa); 1947-a (Santa Clara Pueblo).

21Exceptions have been made in the cases of the Cheyenne and Arapaho, which tribes divided into northern
and southern groups prior to 1850.  Because of the difficulty in determining northern or southern affiliations of individuals
on the basis of available evidence, I have located these tribes midway between the habitats of their northern and southern