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A = Annual Report. B = Bulletin. C = Contributions to North American Ethnology. I =Introductions. M = Miscellaneous Publications. P = Publications of the Institute of Social Anthropology.

Dakota-English dictionary, A (Riggs) C 7.
Dakota grammar, texts, and ethnography (Riggs) See also Siouan. C 9.
Dakota winter counts as a source of Plains history (Howard). B 173, Anthrop. Pap. No. 61.
Dall, William H.:
    On masks, labrets, and certain aboriginal customs
A 3, 67.
    Terms of relationship used by the Innuit
C 1, 117.
    Tribes of the extreme Northwest
C 1,1
    and Gibbs, George. Vocabularies of tribes of the extreme Northwest.
C 1, 121.
Dance hall of the Santee Bottoms on the Fort Berthold Reservation, Garrison reservoir, North Dakota, The (Hartle). B 185, Riv. Bas. Surv. Pap. No. 28.
Danberg, Grace M., editor. Letters to Jack Wilson, the Paiute Prophet, written between 1908 and 1911. B 164, Anthrop. Pap. No. 55.
Davis, Irvine. The language of Santa Ana Pueblo B 191, Anthrop. Pap. No. 69.
Day symbols of the Maya year (Thomas) A 16, 199.
Deardorff, Merle H. See Fenton, William N., editor.
Deformations, Cephalic, of the Indians in Argentina (Imbelloni). B 143, vol. 6, 53-55.
Deformity, trephining, and mutilation in South American Indian skeletal remains (Stewart). B 143, vol. 6, 43-48.
DeJarnette, David L. See Webb, William S., and DeJarnette
Delawares, Physical anthropology of the Lenape or (Hrdlicka). B 62.
Demery site (39C01), Oahe Reservoir area, South Dakota (Woolworth and Wood). B 189, Riv. Bas. Surv. Pap. No. 34.
Denig, Edwin T.:
    Indian tribes of the Upper Missouri (edited by J. N. B. Hewitt)
A 46, 375.
    Of the Crow Nation (edited by John C. Ewers)
B 151, Anthrop. Pap. No. 33.
Densmore, Frances:
    A search for songs among the Chitimacha Indians in Lousiana.
B 133, Anthrop. Pap. No. 19.
    Chippewa customs
B 86.
    Chippewa music
B 45.
    Chippewa music-II
B 53.
    Choctaw music
B 136, Anthrop. Pap. No. 28.
    Mandan and Hidatsa music
B 80.
    Menominee music
B 102.
    Music of Acoma, Isleta, Cochiti, and Zuñi Pueblos
B 165.
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    Music of the Indians of British Columbia
B 136, Anthrop. Pap. No. 27.
    Nootka and Quileute music
B 124.
    Northern Ute music
B 75.
    Papago music
B 90.
    Pawnee music
B 93.
    Seminole music
B 161.
    Technique in the music of the American Indian
B 151, Anthrop. Pap. No. 36.
    Teton Sioux music
B 61.
    The belief of the Indian in a connection between song and the supernatural.
B 151, Anthrop. Pap. No. 37.
    Uses of plants by the Chippewa Indians
A 44, 275.
    Yuman and Yaqui music
B 110.
Designs on prehistoric Hopi pottery (Fewkes) A 33, 207.
Devereux, George. Mohave ethnopsychiatry and suicide: The psychiatric knowledge and the psychic disturbances of an Indian tribe. B 175.
Diaguita of Argentina, The (Márquez Miranda) B 143, vol. 2, pp. 637-654.
Diaguita of Chile, The (Lothrop) B 143, vol. 2, pp. 633-636.
Dialects, Linguistic classification of Cree and Montagnais-Naskapi (Michelson). B123, Anthrop. Pap. No. 8.
Dialects of Connecticut, Native tribes and: A Mohegan-Pequot diary (Speck). A 43, 199.
Dick, Herbert W. Two rock shelters near Tucumcari, New Mexico B 154, Riv. Bas. Surv. pap. No. 5, Pt. 1.

    Biloxi-Ofo (Dorsey and Swanton)

B 47.

    Choctaw (Byington; Swanton and Halbert, editors)

B 46.

    Dakota-English (Riggs)

C 7.

    Guaymi grammar and, with some ethnological notes.

B 162.


B 25.

    Niskwalli (Gibbs)

C 1 (pt. 2), 285.

    of American Indians north of Mexico. Advance pages (Hodge).

M 6.

    of the Atakapa language (Gatschet and Swanton)

B 108.

    of the Osage language (La Flesche)

B 109.
Dieseldorff, E. P., and others. Mexican and Central American antiquities, calendar systems, and history. B 28.
Diné, The: Origin myths of the Navaho Indians (O'Bryan) B 163.
Dixon, Roland B. See Bulletin 40 (pt. 1)
Dominica, the Caribs of (Taylor) B 119, Anthrop. Pap. No. 3.
Dorsey, James Owen:

    Method of recording Indian languages

A 1, 579.

    Omaha and Ponka letters

B 11.

    Omaha dwellings, furniture, and implements

A 13, 263.
[p. 72]

    Omaha sociology

A 3, 205.

    Osage traditions

A 6, 373.

    Siouan sociology

A 15, 205.

    Study of Siouan cults, A

A 11, 351.

    The Cegiha language

C 6.

    and Swanton, John R. A dictionary of the Biloxi and Ofo languages.

B 47.


      A Dakota-English dictionary, by S. R. Riggs

C 7.

      Dakota grammar, texts, and ethnography, by S. R. Riggs.

C 9.
Drucker, Philip:
    Archeolgocial survey on the northern Northwest Coast.
B 133, Anthrop. Pap. No. 20.
    Ceramic sequences at Tres Zapotes, Veracruz, Mexico.
B 140.
    Ceramic stratigraphy at Cerro de las Mesas, Veracruz, Mexico.
B 141.
    La Venta, Tabasco: A study of Olmec ceramics and art. With a chapter on structural investigations in 1943 (Wedel), and appendix on technological analyses (Shepard).
B 153.
    The Cero de las Mesas offering of jade and other materials.
B 157, Anthrop. Pap. No. 44.
    The Native Brotherhoods: Modern intertribal organizations on the Northwest Coast.
B 168.
    The Northern and Central Nootkan tribes
B 144.
    and Heizer, Robert F., and Squier, Robert J. Excavations at La Venta, Tabasco, 1955. With appendixes by Jonas E. Gullberg, Garniss H. Curtis, and A. Starker Leopold.
B 170.
Dwellings, furniture, and implements, Omaha (Dorsey). A 13, 263.
    See also Houses.

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