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A = Annual Report. B = Bulletin. C = Contributions to North American Ethnology. I =Introductions. M = Miscellaneous Publications. P = Publications of the Institute of Social Anthropology.

Oberg, Kalervo:
    Indian tribes of northern Mato Grosso, Brazil, by Kalervo Oberg, with an appendix entitled "Anthropometry of the Umotina, Nambicuara, and Iranxe, with comparative data from other northern Mato Grosso tribes," by Marshall T. Newman.
P 15.
    Terena and Caduveo of southern Mato Grosso, The.
P 9
O'Bryan, Aileen.The Dîumflex;né: Orgin myths of the Navaho Indians. B 163.
Observations on certain ancient tribes in the Northern Appalachian Province (Hoffman). B 191, Anthrop. Pap. No. 70.
Observations on some nineteenth century pottery vessels from the Upper Missouri (Wedel). B 164, Anthrop. Pap. No. 51.
Observations on the Thunder dance of the Bear gens of the Fox Indians (Michelson). B 89.
Ofo, Biloxi-, dictionary (Dorsey and Swanton) B 47.
Of the Crow Nation, by Edwin Thompson Denig (edited with biographical sketch and footnotes by John C. Ewers). B 151, Anthrop. Pap. No. 33.
Ohio, The circular, square, and octagonal earthworks of (Thomas) B 10.
Ohio mounds, The problem of the (Thomas) B 8.
Ojibwa, The Mide'wiwin or "Grand Medicine Society" of the (Hoffman). A 7, 143.

    See also Chippewa.

Olbrechts, Frans M. See Mooney, James, and Olbrechts.
Omaha and Ponka letters (Dorsey) B 11.
Omaha dwellings, furniture, and implements (Dorsey) A 13, 263.
Omaha sociology (Dorsey) A 3, 205.
Omaha tribe, The (Fletcher and La Flesche) A 27, 17.
Ona, The (Cooper) B 143, vol. 1, pp. 107-125.
O'Neale, Lila M.:


B 143, vol. 5, pp. 69-96.


B 143, vol. 5, pp. 97-138.
Oregon, northwestern, Tribes of (Gibbs) C 1, 157.
Oregon, southwestern, The Klamath Indians of (Gatschet). C 2.
Orinoco River, The tribes north of the (Kirchhoff) B 143, vol. 4, pp. 481-493.
Ormond Beach Mound, East Central Florida (Jennings, Willey, and Newman). B 164, Anthrop. Pap. No. 49.
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Ortíz, Sergio Elías:

    The modern Quillacinga, Pasto, and Coaiquer

B 143, vol. 2, pp. 961-968.

    The native tribes and languages of southwestern Colombia.

B 143,vol. 2, pp. 911-914.
Osage language, A dictionary of the (La Flesche) B 109.
Osage traditions (Dorsey) A 6, 373.
Osage tribe:

    Rite of the chiefs; sayings of the ancient men, The (La Flesche).

A 36, 37.

    Rite of the Wa-xo'-be, The (La Flesche)

A 45, 523.

    The rite of vigil (la Flesche)

A 39, 31.

    Two versions of the child-naming rite (La Flesche)

A 43, 23.

    War ceremony and peace ceremony of (La Flesche)

B 101.
Osborne, Carolyn. Chapter in archeology of the Yakutat Bay area, Alaska (de Laguna et al.) B 192.
Osborne, Douglas:

    Excavations in the McNary Reservoir Basin near Umatilla, Oregon. With appendixes by Marshall T. Newman, Arthur Woodward, W. J. Kroll, and B. H. McLeod.

B 166, Riv. Bas. Surv. Pap. No. 8.

    and Bryan, Alan, and Crabtree, Robert H. The Sheep Island site and the mid-Columbia Valley.

B 179, Riv. Bas. Surv. Pap. No. 24.
Ospina, Gabriel, see Foster, George M.
Oswalt, Wendell H., and VanStone, James W. The ethnoarcheology of Crow Village, Alaska. B 199.
Otomac, The (Kirchhoff) B 143, vol. 4, pp. 439-444.
Owl sacred pack of the Fox Indians, The (Michelson) B 72.
Ozark region of central Missouri, Cave explorations in the (Fowke). B 76.

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