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Instruments for Science, 1800-1914: Scientific Trade Catalogs in Smithsonian Collections
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Standard Company Name: Ferdinand Ernecke
Company Name: Ferdinand Ernecke, Pr√£cisions-Mechaniker und Optiker
Title: Physikalische Apparate, Chemische Instrumente und Gerätschaften / (ca. 800 Abbildungen enthaltend)
Imprint: Germany (Berlin: 1887)
Pagination and Size: 186 p.; 27 x 20 cm
Material Type and Language: Trade catalogs; German
Instrument Types: Instruments represented: balances, rheostats and voltmeters
Notes: Item Number: 51666. Price list No. 11; prices; index; explanations of notes; abbreviations of notes; pictures of factory.
Subject Area: Chemistry ; Electricity
Digital Availability: HTML Page