Trade Literature

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Company Name S.L. Allen & Co
Title Planet Jr. : 1900
Location Philadelphia ; PA
Area Farm and Garden Tools

Company Name Covered Wagon Co.
Title Travel by Covered Wagon : The Complete Steel Trailer Home
Location Mount Clemens ; MI
Area Automobile Trailers

Company Name A.W. Gray's Sons'
Title Gray's Latest Improved Horse Power : Threshing Machines and Wood Sawing Machines
Location Middletown Springs ; VT

Company Name Index Machinery Corp.
Title Index "O" Automatic Screw Machine : Production Results
Location New York ; NY
Area Screws

Company Name Charles J. Jager Company
Title Fun-Ful : The Playground Equipment Line
Location Springfield ; MA
Area Playground Equipment

Company Name Kalamazoo Tank & Silo Co.
Title Kalamazoo Silo Produces Dollars : Reduces Cost of Production; Adds to Bank Accounts; Increases Amount Produced; Conserves Soil Fertility
Location Kalamazoo ; MI
Area Silos

Company Name Keystone Portable Forge Company
Title Descriptive Catalogue and Price List :
Location Philadelphia ; PA
Area Portable Forges

Company Name Kenwood Bicycle Mfg. Co.
Title Kenwood Bicycles : Catalogue for 1895
Location Chicago ; IL
Area Bicycles

Company Name Maris Brothers, Inc.
Title Maris Self-Lubricating Chain Hoist :
Location Philadelphia ; PA
Area Cranes

Company Name Maris & Beekley
Title Cranes : Ample Strength; Good Design; Easy to Operate
Location Philadelphia ; PA
Area Cranes

Company Name Maris & Beekley
Title Portable Chain Hoists :
Location Philadelphia ; PA
Area Chain hoists

Company Name Marion Steam Shovel Company
Title Dipper Dredges :
Location Marion ; OH

Company Name T.G. Mandt Vehicle Co.
Title T.G. Mandt Wagon :
Location Stoughton ; WI
Area Wagons