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100x60InformationOnOldBooks.jpg Information on Old Books (1998) by Special Collections Department Staff
Answers many commonly asked questions about aged books, such as how to determine bibliographical information and find an appraiser.

100x60BookDealers.jpg Book Dealers Specializing in African Art (1997) by Janet Stanley
A list compiled by staff of the National Museum of African Art Library of book dealers around the world

100x60MuseumsWithAfricanArt.jpg Museums in the U.S. with African Art Collections (2002) by Janet Stanley
Links to American museums with African Art collections with state-by-state listings

100x60Bibs.jpg Títulos de Publicaciones Periódicas en Español sobre el tema Latino, Albergadas en las Bibliotecas del Instituto Smithsonian / Latino and Spanish Language Serials Held by the Smithsonian Institution Libraries (2006) by Cataloging Services Division
All Latino and Spanish language serials held by the Smithsonian Institution Libraries are available through this alphabetical listing. / Recientemente, el Grupo de Iniciativas Latinas del Instituto Smithsonian, le concedió a las Bibliotecas del mismo, recursos económicos para comenzar el proyecto de catalogación y registro en SIRIS (Sistema de Información sobre Investigación del Instituto Smithsonian), de todas sus publicaciones periódicas en español.

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