The Libraries gratefully acknowledges major support provided by

  • Christopher Cardozo
  • The Curtis Centennial Project
  • The Edward S. Curtis Foundation (
  • and The Special Exhibition Fund, Office of the Provost, Smithsonian Institution

Additional support was received from

  • The Honorable and Mrs. Caspar W. Weinberger
  • The Curtis Collection
  • Mr. Robert J. Hurst
  • The Honorable Howard H. Baker, Jr.
  • The Charlottesville Camera Club


  • The Honorable and Mrs. Richard McG. Helms
  • The Honorable and Mrs. Russell A. Rourke
  • Mr. and Mrs. Keith Jones
  • General and Mrs. Lawrence A. Skantze (U.S.A.F. Ret.)
  • Mrs. Robert Horne Charles
  • Mrs. Mary Armstrong Amory
  • Mr. and Mrs. Shephard W. Hill
  • Mrs. Susan Mary Alsop
  • Mr. and Mrs. Basil J. Mezines
  • The Honorable and Mrs. Robert Sims

The brochure was funded by
The Smithsonian Education Outreach Fund
Brochure text by Elizabeth Sharpe
Brochure design by Seth Frankel, Smithsonian Office of Exhibits Central