"The Man Who Never Took Time to Play" ~ Hollywood

In 1922, Jack Morgan, J.P. Morgan's son, gave Curtis some money, but it was not enough to keep the North American Indian Project going. Curtis turned to the established Hollywood film world to raise money. Among his jobs was a stint as a still photographer and second cameraman on director Cecil B. DeMille's film The Ten Commandments (1920).

The Ten Commandments The Ten Commandments (1920)

Little documentation exists of Curtis' Hollywood years, leading historians to speculate that Curtis saw his work in the cinema as a necessary sacrifice to earn money for The North American Indian.

Seen above and on the right are promotional stills taken by Curtis for film director Cecil B. DeMille.

The Femme Fatal The Femme Fatale (1923)

The Blue Bed (1923) The Blue Bed (1923)

Aphrodite, ca. 1930 Aphrodite (ca. 1930)

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