Gaining Support ~ A President's Encouragement
"No man could be doing anything more important. I will support you in any way I can."
~ President Theodore Roosevelt to Edward S. Curtis upon seeing Curtis' photographs for the first time, 1904
Quentin Roosevelt, son of Theodore Roosevelt
Quentin Roosevelt

Curtis' 1903 winning entry in the Ladies Home Journal "Prettiest Children in America" photography contest caught the attention of none other than President Theodore Roosevelt. The President invited Curtis to the White House to photograph his family. At left is Curtis' photograph of Quentin Roosevelt, son of Theodore Roosevelt, taken in 1904.

Theodore Roosevelt in western regalia, 1885
Theodore Roosevelt

Benefitting from Roosevelt's well-known interest in conserving the natural resources and spirit of the American West, Curtis won the President's support for his efforts to document Indians. Roosevelt encouraged Curtis to speak to financier J.P. Morgan. At right is Theodore Roosevelt in western regalia, 1885, by an unknown photographer.

"Your photographs stand by themselves, both in their wonderful artistic merit and in their value as historical documents."
~ President Theodore Roosevelt in a letter to Edward S. Curtis, December 16, 1905
Theodore Roosevelt as President, 1904 Theodore Roosevelt as President, 1904, by Edward S. Curtis
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