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Letter, Woodbury to Rothschild

Treasury Department
July 18th 1836


The acting Treasurer of the United States has been instructed to transmit to you the accompanying bill of Exchange, the proceeds of which are to be placed to the credit of the United States on account of the following appropriations --

"For outfits of Chargés d'Affaires to Mexico, Prussia, & Peru 4.500"

"For outfit of a Chargé d'Affaires to Russia 4.500"

"To enable the President to assert and prosecute with effect the claims of the United States to the legacy bequeathed to them by James Smithson late of London deceased, to found at Washington under the name of the Smithsonian Institution an establishment for the increase & diffusion of knowledge among men . . .


I have the honor Dear Sir

very respectfully,

your obedient Servant

Levi Woodbury

Secretary of the Treasury

N.M. Rothschild Esqr

Banker of the United States


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