.: Focus on Service : the SIL Strategic Plan

In January 2008, the Smithsonian Institution Libraries (SIL) began a strategic planning process. SIL Director Nancy E. Gwinn sought a strategic plan that demonstrated and fostered the Libraries’ leadership role as information broker in an era of rapidly changing technology, while aligning the SIL with the goals and mission of the Smithsonian Institution. From the beginning, the entire SIL staff and SIL Advisory Board were encouraged to participate in the planning process.

Focused on service to both our internal and external users, SIL’s plan signals a shift to a more continual and interactive engagement with users as a crucial part of planning services. SIL sees our plan as a dynamic springboard for multiple actions. It encourages experimentation and trial projects. We want to continue supplying information sources that are critical to SI work while bolstering interdisciplinary efforts.

If you have questions or wish to add to the discussion, please contact any SI Libraries employee.

View our Strategic Plan A Focus on Service 2009-2013 (pdf format - 560kb download)

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