.: Annual Report

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Annual Report

The Diamond Circle - $ 10,000+

The Argus Fund
Cascade Foundation
The Dibner Charitable Trust of Massachusetts
Furth Family Foundation
David and Roma Korris
Gus and Deanne Miller
Estate of Margaret P. Nuttle
Alan and Jo Priest
CIG / ProQuest, Robert N. Snyder
Ruth L. Webb

The Sapphire Circle - $5,000+

Cary J. Frieze
CB Richard Ellis, John Germano
C. Michael Gooden and Diane P. Oksanen-Gooden
Kahn Brothers LLC, Thomas Graham Kahn
Deirdre LaPin
Margery and Edgar Masinter
Ronald J. Monark
Katherine Neville
OCLC - Online Computer Library Center, Inc.
William H. Plank
R. Julian Stanley and Margaret A. Stanley Charitable Trust
F. Christian and Betty Thompson
The WRG Foundation
Fred M. Young, Jr.

The Emerald Circle - $2,500+

Bruce B. and Sarah Collette
Michael J. Cromwell III and Patricia Roome Cromwell
Gail Enfiajian
Jay W. and Linda N. Freedman
Nancy E. Gwinn and John Y. Cole
George Gwynn and Christine Hill
Alan R. Kabat
Lt. Col. and Mrs. William K. Konze
Frank J. and Betty M. Quirk
Ruth O. Selig
Jerrell W. Shelton
Winfred O. and Anne M. Ward
The Ruby Circle - $1,000+ Alcon Lightcraft Company
Max N. Berry
Karen Johnson Boyd
Candlewick Press Inc.
Davidson Sterenfeld Family Foundation
Porter and Lisa Dawson
Arnold Y. Dean and Susan E. Randolph
Edward A. DeCarbo
Kay Dryden
Valerie Florez
The Lee and Juliet Folger Fund
Elizabeth W. Gwinn
David S. and Patricia H. Jernigan
Dennis L. and Christine R. Rudy
Joseph R. Salcetti
Shapiro Family Foundation
Scott D. Shepperd
Victor G. Springer
Janet L. Stanley
J. Thomas and Lavinia W. Touchton
The Honorable and Mrs. Russell E. Train
Harold G. and Barbara B. Walsh

The Pearl Circle - $500+

Jere and Bonnie Broh-Kahn
Nancy B. Caird
David G. Furth
Amy E. Levin
Paula Hirschoff and Chuck Ludlam
Harriet McGuire
Marguerite Michaels
Thomas R. and Alice S. Pickering
Lucien R. Rossignol
Estate of Catherine D. Scott
Frances Smyth
George R. and Patricia B. Zug

Friends of the Library - Up to $499

Cicely d'A. Angleton
Lowell E. Ashley
Robert D. and Juliane K. Bailey
Thomas R. and Terry Baker
Edna G. Bay
Eli Bentor and Orna Bentor Jtwros
Marla C. Berns
Margaret C. Binda
Patricia S. and Ronald R. Bitondo
Maxine Phillips Blackman
Letty Bonnell
Rene A. and Stephanie L. Bravmann
Sarah C. Brett-Smith
Doris Oswell Brunot
Evalyn H. Carter
Stanislaw Chojnacki
Wanda M. and Joseph J.Corn III
The Council on Botanical and Horticultural Libraries, Inc.
Xavier Courouble
Mary Lou Cowden
Crawford Doyle Charitable Foundation
Laudine L. and George E. Creighton, Jr.
Ruth A. Davis
Joan De Fato
Jeanne M. Drewes
Roberta Ann Dunbar
Elizabeth S. Eustis
Louis A. Ford
W. Perkins Foss
Serena J. Fox
Barbara E. Frank
Charles L. and Diane B. Frankel
Greta Friedman
C. Gallant
Martha J. Graves
Kenneth K. and Maria B. Gwira
George W. Haley
Judith L. Hanna
Michael D. Harris
Donald V. and Ingrid Hester
Kyra E. Hicks
Kathleen M. Hill
Hilary and Robert Hoopes
Robert Ireland
Gil and Jean Jackson
Thomas Jackson, Jr.
John F. Jameson
Veronika Jenke
Martin R. Kalfatovic
Kinsey A. Katchka
Stephen Klein
Colleen E. Kriger
Dr. Babatunde Lawal
Olga F. Linares and Beate K. Christy
Howard and Thelma Lockwood
Carol Ann Lorenz
Kevin G. and Patricia E. Lowther
Wyatt MacGaffey
Jacalyn Mahler
Nancy L. Matthews
Jullie L. McGee
Kathryn McMahon and John Marks
Louise Stadler Meyer
Renee Paule Moyencourt & William C. Mithoefer
Sherrie Nagin
Andrea J. Nicolls
Robert and Nancy Nooter
Helen Nordberg
E. Okechukwu Odita
Dr. Adebisi Olusoga Otudeko
Leslie K. Overstreet and Andrew H. Arnold
John Pemberton III
Constantijn Petridis
Lillian E. Pharr
Barbara M. Pitschel
Judith Preston
Allyson Purpura
Elisha P. Renne
Jane Nathan Rothschild
Victoria L. Rovine
Margaret A. Sealor
Stanwyn G. and Elaine R. Shetler
Bruce H. Sklarew and Margaret E. Meyers
Maria Patrizia Somavilla
Paul and Rose-Helene Spreiregen
Peter A. Tassia III and Maija M. Lutz
Mary Augusta Thomas
Obiora and Ada Udechukwu
Uniterra Foundation
Colleen Ross Weis
Lester and Suzanne Wunderman
Walter J. and Christine L. Zoller
Egle Victoria Zygas

In-Kind Donations

Pora Ahn
Donald Albrecht
Tania Batley
Maeda Klein Bloomberg
Stacey Borow
Elizabeth J. Braswell
Aric Chen
Marilyn A. Cohen
Nancy C. Cohlman
Florence Duhl
Janna Eggebeen
Melissa Gooch
Hilary Herman
Cordelia Lembo
Nina Levy
Helen Lueders
Adrienne Meyer
Mark Molloy
April Riegler
Anna Shuster
Ashley Silverman
Susan Solny
Diane VanderBeke Mager

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