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Basic Image Search Options

  • Keyword Search. Use this search when you want to find the most pictures. Keyword search will find ALL characters you type in. Example: Irish Elk will locate pictures with the word Irish or pictures with the word Elk
  • Taxonomic (Scientific) Keyword Search. Many of the images in the Galaxy of Images are drawn from the Smithsonian Libraries' extensive Natural History collections. When possible, the scientific, or taxonomic name is included. You can search either genus, species or both, using the taxonomic search. Example: Sciurus will locate images of squirrels; Sciurus fossor will locate a certain species of squirrel.

Advanced Image Search Options

  • Choose up to three keywords in your search. Your search will default to an exact match. If you would like to retrieve more hits, use Word Match to select "Starts with". Add additional words using "and" or "or".
  • You may limit your search by selecting one of the "collection" options from the pull-down menu. This will serve to display only images that meet your search criteria and that are contained in that image collection

Search by Author/Title of Book

  • The Author/Title search allows you to do a simple search based on the author and/or title of a book. You may enter a single word in either search box to retrieve a list of relevant books.
  • In many, but not all instances, the titles of non-English works have been translated into English. This search will retrieve works in both the original language and (when available) English translation of the title.

Browse the Image Collections

  • All the images have been assigned to at least one, and sometimes many "collections". Use the Browse the Image Collections option when you want to see a wide variety of images on a related topic. By choosing the image detail option, you can see other collections to which that image has been assigned for even deeper browsing.
Quick Search! Enter a search term and hit the search button to quickly find an image

The above "Quick Search" box will find ANY words you type in. Use "*" to truncate a word (dog* will get dogs). Using "and" or "or" between words will include or exclude those terms. For more precise search, try the "Advanced Search" option below.

More search options, including searching by book author and title, collection, etc. is available here
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