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Image 39088001745850_0098
SIMMIDAE. Fig. 1. - Profile of the skull of the male Leonine Monkey (Macacus leoninus) from Burma. 3/4 nat. size. Fig. 2. - Upper view of skull of M. Leoninus, from Burma. 3/4 nat. size.
Macacus leoninus
ID: 39088001745850_0098
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Image 39088001745850_0104
SIMMIDAE. Fig. 3. - Lateral aspect of the cranium of the variety of M. rhesus, Desm., found in Yunnan. 3/4 nat. size. Fig. 4. - Upper aspect of the cranium of the variety of M. rhesus, Desm., found in Yunnan. 3/4 nat. size.
Macacus rhesus
ID: 39088001745850_0104
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Image 39088001745850_0106
SIMMIDAE. Fig. 5. - Skull of M. rhesus, from Nepal, the type of Hodgson's M. (pithex) oinops. 3/4 nat. size.
Macacus rhesus
ID: 39088001745850_0106
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Image 39088001745850_0107
MACACUS. Fig. 6. - Upper aspect of the skull fig. 5. 3/4 nat. size.
Macacus rhesus
ID: 39088001745850_0107
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Image 39088001745850_0110
SIMMIDAE. Fig. 7. - Lateral view of the skull of the Irawady monkey (female) M. assamensis. Fig. 8. - Upper view of the same skull as Fig. 7.
Macacus assamensis
ID: 39088001745850_0110
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Image 39088001745850_0129
MACACUS. Fig. 9. - Skull of Macacus lasiotis, 3/4 nat. size. Fig. 10. - Upper view of skull of M. lasiotis, 3/4 nat. size.
Macacus lasiotis
ID: 39088001745850_0129
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Image 39088001745850_0361
RHIZOMYS. Fig. 11. - Stomach of Rhyzomys pruinosus, Blyth. Nat. size.
Rhyzomys pruinosus
ID: 39088001745850_0361
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Image 39088001745850_0362
RODENTIA. Fig. 12. - Stomach of Rhizomys badius, Hodg. Nat. size.
Rhizomys badius
ID: 39088001745850_0362
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Image 39088001745850_0485
PLATANISTA. Series of teeth of Platanista gangetica, to illustrate their growth and wearage. All drawn of natural dimensions.
Platanista gangetica
ID: 39088001745850_0485
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Image 39088001745850_0492
CETACEA. Fig. 14. A sketch (natural size) of the surface of a portion of the second cavity of the stomach of Platanista...
Platanista gangetica
ID: 39088001745850_0492
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Image 39088001745850_0515
PLATANISTA. Fig. 16. Outlines of the casts of the cranial cavities of Orcella and Palanista, the latter the internal, and the former the external outline: drawn to one scale.
Orcella, Platanista, Orca
ID: 39088001745850_0515
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Image 39088001745850_0569
PLATANISTA. Fig. 18. Magnified views of small ear bones of Platanista.
Platanista gangetica
ID: 39088001745850_0569
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Image 39088001745850_0590
CETACEA. Fig. 19. The right forearm of Platanista diessected on its inner surface to show musculo-tendinous parts as described in text... Fig. 20. A view of the foreshortened narrow ulnar margin of limb...
ID: 39088001745850_0590
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Image 39088001745850_0606
CETACEA. Fig. 21. Posterior view of the cervical vertebrae of the B. edeni, 3/16th natural size.
Balaenoptera edeni
ID: 39088001745850_0606
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Image 39088001745850_0607
BALAENOPTERA. Fig. 22. Ninth dorsal vertebra, 1/8th natural size. Fig. 23. Posterior view of the sixth caaudal vertebra, 1/8th natural size. Fig. 24. Upper aspect of the sixth caudal, 1/8th natural size.
Balaenoptera edeni
ID: 39088001745850_0607
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Image 39088001745850_0608
CETACEA. Fig. 25. Ninth dorsal vertebrae seen from behind, reduced nearly 1/8th natural size. Fig. 26. Sixth rib of the Sittan Whale, reduced 1/8th natural size.
Balaenoptera edeni
ID: 39088001745850_0608
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Image 39088001745850_0609
BALAENOPTERA. Fig. 27. The aspect of the humerus... Fig. 28. Hyoid bone of the Sittang Whale...
Balaenoptera edeni
ID: 39088001745850_0609
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Image 39088001745850_0837
CHELONIA. Fig. 29. Skull of Trionyx peguensis, Gray.
Trionyx peguensis
ID: 39088001745850_0837
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Image 39088001745850_0838
REPTILIA. Fig. 30. Fig. 31. Skull of Trionyx peguensis, Gray.
Trionyx peguensis
ID: 39088001745850_0838
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Image 39088002913515_0126
Plate II. Ancient Peruvian.
ID: 39088002913515_0126
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Image 39088002913515_0127
Plate III. Ancient Peruvian.
ID: 39088002913515_0127
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Image 39088002913515_0128
Plate IV. Ancient Peruvian.
ID: 39088002913515_0128
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Image 39088002913515_0130
Plate V. Ancient Peruvian.
ID: 39088002913515_0130
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Image 39088002913515_0132
Plate IV. Chimuyan.
ID: 39088002913515_0132
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Image 39088002913515_0145
Plate VIII and IX. Peruvian from the Temple of the Sun.
ID: 39088002913515_0145
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Image 39088002913515_0147
Plate XI. Peruvian from the Temple of the Sun.
ID: 39088002913515_0147
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Image 39088002913515_0148
Plate XI. - A. Peruvian from the Temple of the Sun.
ID: 39088002913515_0148
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Image 39088002913515_0149
Plate XI. - B. Peruvian from the Temple of the Sun.
ID: 39088002913515_0149
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Image 39088002913515_0150
Plate XI. - C. Peruvian from the Temple of the Sun.
ID: 39088002913515_0150
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Image 39088002913515_0151
Plate XI. - D. Peruvian from the Temple of the Sun.
ID: 39088002913515_0151
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Image 39088002913515_0164
ID: 39088002913515_0164
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Image 39088002913515_0165
ID: 39088002913515_0165
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Image 39088002913515_0166
ID: 39088002913515_0166
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Image 39088002913515_0172
Plate XVI. Mexican.
ID: 39088002913515_0172
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Image 39088002913515_0173
Plate XVII. Mexican.
ID: 39088002913515_0173
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Image 39088002913515_0174
Plate XVII. - A. Mexican.
ID: 39088002913515_0174
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Image 39088002913515_0175
Plate XVIII. Mexican.
ID: 39088002913515_0175
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Image 39088002913515_0176
Plate XVIII. - A. Mexican. - Tlahuica?
ID: 39088002913515_0176
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Image 39088002913515_0181
ID: 39088002913515_0181
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Image 39088002913515_0182
ID: 39088002913515_0182
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Image 39088002913515_0183
Plate XIX.* Chetimaches.
ID: 39088002913515_0183
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Image 39088002913515_0186
Plate XXII. Seminole.
ID: 39088002913515_0186
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Image 39088002913515_0188
Plate XXIII. Seminole.
ID: 39088002913515_0188
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Image 39088002913515_0189
Plate XXIV. Seminole.
ID: 39088002913515_0189
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Image 39088002913515_0190
Plate XXVI. Muskogee, or Creek.
ID: 39088002913515_0190
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Image 39088002913515_0192
Plate XXV. Cherokee.
ID: 39088002913515_0192
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Image 39088002913515_0197
Plate XXVIII. Chippeway.
ID: 39088002913515_0197
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Image 39088002913515_0199
Plate XXIX. Menominee.
ID: 39088002913515_0199
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Image 39088002913515_0202
Plate XXX. Miami.
ID: 39088002913515_0202
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Image 39088002913515_0204
Plate XXXI. Ottigamie.
ID: 39088002913515_0204
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Image 39088002913515_0206
Plate XXXIV. Potowatomie.
ID: 39088002913515_0206
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Image 39088002913515_0207
Plate XXXIII. Naumkeag.
ID: 39088002913515_0207
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Image 39088002913515_0209
Plate XXXIV. Lenapé, or Delaware.
ID: 39088002913515_0209
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Image 39088002913515_0212
Plate XXXV. Cayuga.
ID: 39088002913515_0212
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Image 39088002913515_0213
Plate XXXVI. Oneida.
ID: 39088002913515_0213
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Image 39088002913515_0214
Plate XXXVII. Huron.
ID: 39088002913515_0214
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Image 39088002913515_0216
Plate XXXVIII. Pawnee.
ID: 39088002913515_0216
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Image 39088002913515_0218
Plate XXXIX. Dacota.
ID: 39088002913515_0218
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Image 39088002913515_0219
Plate XLI. Osage.
ID: 39088002913515_0219
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Image 39088002913515_0221
Plate XL. Blackfoot.
ID: 39088002913515_0221
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Image 39088002913515_0224
ID: 39088002913515_0224
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Image 39088002913515_0227
Plate XLII. Chinouk.
ID: 39088002913515_0227
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Image 39088002913515_0228
Plate XLIII. Chinouk.
ID: 39088002913515_0228
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Image 39088002913515_0230
Plate XLV. Killemook.
ID: 39088002913515_0230
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Image 39088002913515_0231
Plate XLVI. Clatsap.
ID: 39088002913515_0231
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Image 39088002913515_0232
Plate XLVII. Kalapooyah.
ID: 39088002913515_0232
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Image 39088002913515_0233
ID: 39088002913515_0233
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Image 39088002913515_0234
Plate XLVIII. Clickitat.
ID: 39088002913515_0234
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Image 39088002913515_0235
Plates XLIX and L. Cowalitsk.
ID: 39088002913515_0235
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Image 39088002913515_0239
Plate LI. Skull from a mound near Circleville, Ohio.
ID: 39088002913515_0239
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Image 39088002913515_0240
Plate LII. Skull from a mound on the upper Mississippi.
ID: 39088002913515_0240
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Image 39088002913515_0244
Plate LV. Skull from a mound in Tennessee.
ID: 39088002913515_0244
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Image 39088002913515_0245
Plate LVI. Skull from a tumulus at Santa, in Peru.
ID: 39088002913515_0245
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Image 39088002913515_0246
Plate LVII. Skull from a tumulus in the valley of rimac, in Peru.
ID: 39088002913515_0246
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Image 39088002913515_0247
Plate LVIII. Skull from a tumulus in the valley of Rimac, in Peru.
ID: 39088002913515_0247
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Image 39088002913515_0251
Plate LIX. Skull from an ancient tomb at Otumba, in Mexico.
ID: 39088002913515_0251
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Image 39088002913515_0252
Plate LX. Skull from an ancient tomb at Otumba, in Mexico.
ID: 39088002913515_0252
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Image 39088002913515_0253
Plate LXI. Skull from an ancient tomb at Otumba, in Mexico.
ID: 39088002913515_0253
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Image 39088002913515_0254
Plate LXII. Skull from a cave at Golconda, in Illinois.
ID: 39088002913515_0254
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Image 39088002913515_0255
Plate LXIII. Skull from a cave near Steubenville, Ohio.
ID: 39088002913515_0255
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Image 39088002913515_0262
Plate LXVI, LXVII. Araucanian Chief.
ID: 39088002913515_0262
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Image 39088002913515_0263
Plate LXVIII. Araucanian Chief.
ID: 39088002913515_0263
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Image 39088002913515_0268
ID: 39088002913515_0268
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Image 39088002913515_0270
ID: 39088002913515_0270
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Image 39088002913515_0271
ID: 39088002913515_0271
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Image 39088002913515_0272
ID: 39088002913515_0272
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Image 39088002913515_0300
ID: 39088002913515_0300
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Image 39088002913515_0301
ID: 39088002913515_0301
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Image 39088002913515_0319
Peruvian Child from Atacama
ID: 39088002913515_0319
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Image 39088002913515_0321
Peruvian from Atacama
ID: 39088002913515_0321
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Image 39088002913515_0323
Peruvian of the Ancient Race. From Arica.
ID: 39088002913515_0323
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Image 39088002913515_0325
Peruvian of the Ancient Race
ID: 39088002913515_0325
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Image 39088002913515_0327
ID: 39088002913515_0327
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Image 39088002913515_0329
Peruvian Child from Santà
ID: 39088002913515_0329
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Image 39088002913515_0331
Peruvian. From the Temple of the Sun.
ID: 39088002913515_0331
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Image 39088002913515_0333
Peruvian from the Temple of the Sun
ID: 39088002913515_0333
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Image 39088002913515_0335
Peruvian Child from the Temple of the Sun.
ID: 39088002913515_0335
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Image 39088002913515_0337
Peruvian from the Temple of the Sun.
ID: 39088002913515_0337
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Image 39088002913515_0339
Peruvian. From the Temple of the Sun.
ID: 39088002913515_0339
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Image 39088002913515_0341
Peruvian. From the Temple of the Sun.
ID: 39088002913515_0341
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