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Image 39088012949749_0004
Clavilithes penrosei (Heilprin) from the middle Eocene of Texas
Clavilithes penrosei
ID: 39088012949749_0004
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Image SIL25-01-01a
Portrait of: William Hogarth (1697-1764)
ID: SIL25-01-01a
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Image SIL25-01-02a
Harlot's Progress: Plate I: Ensnared by a Procuress
ID: SIL25-01-02a
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Image SIL25-01-03a
Harlot's Progress: Plate II: Quarrels with her Prosecutor
ID: SIL25-01-03a
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Image SIL25-01-04a
Harlot's Progress: Plate III: Apprehended by a Magistrate
ID: SIL25-01-04a
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Image SIL25-01-05a
Harlot's Progress: Plate IV: Scene in Bridewell
ID: SIL25-01-05a
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Image SIL25-01-06a
Harlot's Progress: Plate V: She Expires while Doctors are Disputing
ID: SIL25-01-06a
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Image SIL25-01-07a
Harlot's Progress: Plate VI: The Funeral
ID: SIL25-01-07a
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Image SIL25-02-01a
Portrait of: Joseph Ferdinand Keppler (1838-1894)
ID: SIL25-02-01a
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Image SIL25-02-02a
The Democ-Rats Caught in the Presidential Trap
ID: SIL25-02-02a
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Image SIL25-02-03a
At Last!
ID: SIL25-02-03a
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Image SIL25-02-04a
The Reign of Peace
ID: SIL25-02-04a
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Image SIL25-02-05a
The European Equilibrist
ID: SIL25-02-05a
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Image SIL25-02-06a
In the Clutches of the Monster
ID: SIL25-02-06a
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Image SIL25-02-07a
The Opening of the Congressional Session
ID: SIL25-02-07a
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Image SIL25-02-08a
Napoleon's Retreat
ID: SIL25-02-08a
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Image SIL25-03-01a
ID: SIL25-03-01a
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Image SIL25-03-02a
ID: SIL25-03-02a
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Image SIL25-03-03a
ID: SIL25-03-03a
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Image SIL25-03-04a
ID: SIL25-03-04a
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Image SIL25-03-05a
ID: SIL25-03-05a
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Image SIL25-03-06a
ID: SIL25-03-06a
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Image SIL25-03-07a
ID: SIL25-03-07a
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Image SIL25-04-01a
ID: SIL25-04-01a
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Image SIL25-04-02a
Before and After
ID: SIL25-04-02a
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Image SIL25-04-03a
Adventures of a Lost Ball
ID: SIL25-04-03a
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Image SIL25-04-04a
Oh, If it were not for the Hole in Double Figures!
ID: SIL25-04-04a
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Image SIL25-04-05a
Why some Men are Having a Hard Time Finding Their Clubs
ID: SIL25-04-05a
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Image SIL25-04-06a
A Golf Nut in Winter Quarters
ID: SIL25-04-06a
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Image SIL25-05-01a
ID: SIL25-05-01a
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Image SIL25-05-02a
The American Girl Abroad: Some Features of the Matrimonial Market
ID: SIL25-05-02a
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Image SIL25-05-03a
That Delicious Moment: When You Find You Are to Take in to Dinner the Girl Who Yesterday Refused You
ID: SIL25-05-03a
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Image SIL25-05-04a
Revised: March Fourth Comes in Like a Tiger and Goes Out Like an Elephant
ID: SIL25-05-04a
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Image SIL25-05-05a
ID: SIL25-05-05a
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Image SIL25-05-06a
Her First Appearance in This Costume: She Thinks, On the Whole, She Feels More at Home in a Ball Dress.
ID: SIL25-05-06a
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Image SIL25-05-07a
America's Tribute.
ID: SIL25-05-07a
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Image sil25-589-01a
ID: sil25-589-01a
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Image sil25-589-02a
Book II--Youth -- "The Goddess of hunting, at the the request of Pallas Columbia, accustoms Teddysses to the perils of the chase"
ID: sil25-589-02a
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Image sil25-589-03a
Book VI--Temptation -- "The Sirens try to lure Teddysses to the 'Rocks,' but having bound himself to the Ship of State, Columbia steers him through"
ID: sil25-589-03a
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Image sil25-589-04a
Book IX--Incantation -- "Pallas Columbia warns Teddysses against the magic oil of the enchantress Circe, which had turned so many of his comrades into swine"
ID: sil25-589-04a
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Image sil25-589-05a
Book X--Iteration -- "ZE U.S., Pallas Columbia, the people, foreign rulers, all beseech Teddysses to retain the empire"
ID: sil25-589-05a
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Image sil25-589-06a
Book XI--Apotheosis -- "Pallas Columbia requests for him a place in history"
ID: sil25-589-06a
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Image SIL25-590-01a
Scotch Civility: "Can you point me the way to Drumtochty, Sandy?"
ID: SIL25-590-01a
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Image SIL25-590-02a
"Ye gang straight doon the road, mon"--
ID: SIL25-590-02a
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Image SIL25-590-03a
"An' juist ower the wee sma' hill."
ID: SIL25-590-03a
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Image SIL25-590-04a
"I thank you, sir, from my heart."
ID: SIL25-590-04a
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Image SIL25-590-05a
"Dinna mention it, mon."
ID: SIL25-590-05a
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Image sil25-591-01a
The Political Caricaturists -- "The demon cartoonist first makes a caricature of his victim; then the victim is pulled and twisted, rolled and kneeded, until his resembles in every way the demon's fanciful conception."
ID: sil25-591-01a
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Image sil25-591-02a
The Editors -- "Editors who take an awful satisfaction in rejecting manuscripts are piled in huge, red-hot iron waste-baskets. Those, also, who sin by swearing falsely to the circulation of their papers are here. They are put down deep into the bottom of the baskets …"
ID: sil25-591-02a
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Image sil25-591-03a
Mendacious Individuals--Men Who Tell Fish Stories -- "… I came upon the men who are given to falsehoods, particularly men who were fond of telling 'fish stories.' These sinners are hung up on fish-hooks over a boiling lake, where, through the long, hot ages, they writhe and squirm like fretted fishes jerked from the calm delights of a placid pool."
ID: sil25-591-03a
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Image sil25-591-04a
The Quack Doctors -- "The sewers of Hell are flushed with patent medicines. Wallowing in this stream of mysterious decoction are the souls of the quack doctors, gulping their own poison. To add to the punishment, unceasing showers of large pills descend, the doctors frantically beating the air in their endeavors to ward off the bitter storm."
ID: sil25-591-04a
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Image sil25-591-05a
The Poker Players -- On "the plain of Pokerdom … the hot wind was blowing strong. The signs rustling in the stacks swung to and fro with the breeze. Just as far as I could see, these tangled heaps of humankind reared their lofty peaks to the opaque sky, while the bats swung around them and built nests in their whiskers."
ID: sil25-591-05a
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Image sil25-591-06a
The Brute Pugilists -- "… I looked into a large enclosure, and saw the mode of punishment that Judge Minos, in his severest mood, metes out to the professional pugilist. The sluggers were holding glove contests with the most powerful of the demons. Some of them fought vigorously for a moment, but in the end they all succumbed. As the demons wore gloves covered with short iron spurs and the pugilists had only the regulation mitten, with eight ounces of padding, the contests were rather one-sided."
ID: sil25-591-06a
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Image sil25-591-07a
ID: sil25-591-07a
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Image sil25-592-01a
Illustration Number Twenty -- "What's all the row about?" "Why, you know Old Bonescraper died the other day, and those are his heirs. They're contesting the will."
ID: sil25-592-01a
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Image sil25-592-02a
Illustration Number Twenty-Four -- "The Spearheads seem to be awfully good to that old uncle of theirs" "I should say so. Why, he owns two canoes, three stone hatchets, and half a dozen bearskins, and they're his sole heirs."
ID: sil25-592-02a
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Image sil25-592-03a
Illustration Number Twenty-Eight -- "What's the matter with Mr. Skinclad?" "He's been under Dr. Stonehatchet's care for some time, and the doctor is presenting his bill."
ID: sil25-592-03a
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Image sil25-592-04a
Illustration Number Thirty-Four -- "Stonehatchet and his wife seem to be having a frightful row." "I should say so! She just found a long red hair on his shoulder."
ID: sil25-592-04a
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Image sil25-592-05a
Illustration Number Thirty-Eight -- "What's he making that picture on the rock for?" "He's been fishing, and he's showing the size of the sabre-tooth shark that bit his hook but got away."
ID: sil25-592-05a
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Image sil25-592-06a
ID: sil25-592-06a
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Image sil25-592-07a
Illustration Number Eight -- "What's the joke, Stonechips?" "Look at that Brontosaurus! It tried to attack my mother-in-law!"
ID: sil25-592-07a
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Image sil25-599-01a
ID: sil25-599-01a
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Image sil25-599-02a
Portrait of: William Allen Rogers (1854-1931)
ID: sil25-599-02a
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Image sil25-599-03a
The Announcement -- "The blackest count in the indictment against Germany is foreshadowed in the warning by the Imperial German Embassy at Washington to all Americans, of the crime which was to follow on May 7th, 1915."
ID: sil25-599-03a
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Image sil25-599-04a
Spraddled -- "It looked as though the German Army was spread over too much territory--faced too many fronts to be effective!"
ID: sil25-599-04a
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Image sil25-599-05a
Let the decoration fit the crime -- "It was asserted and has never been denied, by the German Government, that the Kaiser decorated the commander of the 'U' boat which sank the Lusitania."
ID: sil25-599-05a
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Image sil25-599-06a
Preparing a few more answers to our protests -- "Germany was ready to talk about restricting 'U' boat activity as long as we would listen to her; but the sound of riveting machines in her shipyards was her real answer."
ID: sil25-599-06a
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Image sil25-599-07a
The Junker must go -- "England, France, Russia, Italy and the United States recognized that the Junker menace to the world must be thoroughly crushed before Peace could ever return to the world."
ID: sil25-599-07a
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Image sil25-608-01a
Portrait of: Thomas Nast (1840-1902)
ID: sil25-608-01a
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Image sil25-608-02a
The Crowning Insult to Him Who Occupies the Presidential Chair.
ID: sil25-608-02a
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Image sil25-608-03a
The Millennium. The Tiger and the Lamb Lie Together.
ID: sil25-608-03a
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Image sil25-608-04a
Very Social.
ID: sil25-608-04a
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Image sil25-608-05a
General Inspection. General Hancock and General Vacancy.
ID: sil25-608-05a
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Image sil25-608-06a
They Both Lie Together in the Washington Arena.
ID: sil25-608-06a
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Image SIL28-187-01
"Jack London" "A famous rebel art thou"
ID: SIL28-187-01
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Image SIL28-187-02
"J. D. Rockefeller" "My conscience hath a thousand several tongues . . ."
ID: SIL28-187-02
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Image SIL28-187-03
"Woodrow Wilson" "By my faith, he is very swift and sententious-As you like it"
ID: SIL28-187-03
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Image SIL7-141-01
ID: SIL7-141-01
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Image SIL7-79-01
Our Heroes in Hollywoood. The Crooner - Rudy Vallee. The Dancer - Fred Astaire. The Comic - W. C. Fields.
ID: SIL7-79-01
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Image SIL7-82-01
Tallulah Bankhead flew through the air with the greatest of ease in Midgie Purvis, 1961.
ID: SIL7-82-01
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Image SIL7-82-02
Janice Rule on an Olympian cloud, Cyril Ritchard descends to his Satanic underworld. The lovers are Dran Seltz and Bruse Yarnell in The Happies girl in the World, 1961.
ID: SIL7-82-02
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