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Image 39088007130990_0104
Mr. Louis C. Tiffany's Library.
ID: 39088007130990_0104
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Image 39088007130990_0128
General Grant's Library.
ID: 39088007130990_0128
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Image 39088007130990_0138
Dr. D. L. Einstein's Library.
ID: 39088007130990_0138
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Image 39088007130990_0152
Mr. Frederick F. Thompson's Hall and Library.
ID: 39088007130990_0152
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Image 39088007130990_0156
Mr. Frederick F. Thompson's Library.
ID: 39088007130990_0156
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Image 39088007130990_0172
Mr. F. W. Hurtt's Library.
ID: 39088007130990_0172
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Image 39088007130990_0190
Mr. J. Pierpont Morgan's Library.
ID: 39088007130990_0190
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Image 39088007130990_0196
Mr. Edward N. Dickerson's Library.
ID: 39088007130990_0196
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Image 39088007140098_0117
Mr. W. H. De Forest's Library.
ID: 39088007140098_0117
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Image 39088007140098_0139
Mr. William H. Vanderbilt's Library.
ID: 39088007140098_0139
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Image 39088007140098_0151
Mr. Charles Stewart Smith's Library.
ID: 39088007140098_0151
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Image 39088007140098_0173
Mr. Henry C. Gibson's Library.
ID: 39088007140098_0173
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Image 39088007140098_0181
Mrs. Bloomfield Moore's Library.
ID: 39088007140098_0181
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Image 39088007140098_0191
Mr. Rudulph Ellis's Library.
ID: 39088007140098_0191
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Image 39088007140098_0193
Mr. Clarence H. Clark's Library.
ID: 39088007140098_0193
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Image 39088007140098_0207
Mr. H. Victor Newcomb's Library.
ID: 39088007140098_0207
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Image 39088007140106_0143
Mr. C. H. Joy's Library.
ID: 39088007140106_0143
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Image 39088007140106_0159
Mr. J. Coleman Drayton's Library.
ID: 39088007140106_0159
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Image 39088007140106_0163
Mr. Marshall Field's Library.
ID: 39088007140106_0163
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Image 39088007140106_0167
Mr. S. M. Nickerson's Library and Gallery.
ID: 39088007140106_0167
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Image 39088007140106_0177
Mr. Samuel Colman's Library.
ID: 39088007140106_0177
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Image 39088007140106_0191
Mr. George Peabody Wetmore's Library.
ID: 39088007140106_0191
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Image 39088007140114_0119
Lieutenant-Governor Ames's Library.
ID: 39088007140114_0119
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Image 39088007140114_0127
General C. A. Whittier's Library.
ID: 39088007140114_0127
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Image 39088007140114_0143
Mr. Goddard's Library.
ID: 39088007140114_0143
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Image 39088007140114_0165
Mr. W. S. Kimball's Library.
ID: 39088007140114_0165
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Image 39088007140114_0181
Rev. Phillips Brooks's Library.
ID: 39088007140114_0181
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Image 39088007140114_0189
Mr. W. B. Ogden's Library.
ID: 39088007140114_0189
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Image 39088007140114_0197
Mr. Franklin H. Tinker's Library.
ID: 39088007140114_0197
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Image SIL7-16-05
ID: SIL7-16-05
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