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Image 39088002913515_0272
ID: 39088002913515_0272
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Image 39088002913515_0274
ID: 39088002913515_0274
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Image 39088002913515_0314
ID: 39088002913515_0314
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Image 94-13492
ID: 94-13492
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Image SIL28-233-01
Plate 1
ID: SIL28-233-01
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Image SIL33-053-01
Pg. 768
ID: SIL33-053-01
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Image SIL33-053-02
Pg. 769
ID: SIL33-053-02
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Image SIL33-054-01
v. 2, Fig 3 of Plate 14
ID: SIL33-054-01
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Image SIL33-093-01
Alchemist's laboratory, Fifteenth Century, and Liebig's Analytical Laboratory. Group of German University Graduates Photographed at the German House.
ID: SIL33-093-01
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Image SIL33-093-02
German Educational Exhibit. German Instruments of Precision. Education in Germany. German Bacteriological Laboratory.
ID: SIL33-093-02
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Image SIL33-160-02
“The Compass Card with its Rumbs, or Points”
ID: SIL33-160-02
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Image SIL33-160-03
“The Figure of the Cross-Staff”
ID: SIL33-160-03
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Image SIL7-223-01
ID: SIL7-223-01
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Image sil79-09-04
ID: sil79-09-04
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