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Ramón de la Sagra
Histoire physique, politique et naturelle de l'ile de Cuba , 1838-1857
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Scientific Names (as listed on image):
Forficula distincta ; Forficula affinis ; Blatta collaris ; Blatta fumigata ; Blatta cicatricosa ; Blatta Thumbergii ; Blatta fifsicollis ; Gryllotalpa hexadactyla ; Phalangopsis annulipes ; Hymenotes Sagrai ; Hymenotes rhombea
More about this image:
Species and anatomy of earwigs (Fig. 1-2), cockroach (Fig. 3-7), cricket (Fig. 8), and moth orchid (Fig. 9),
ID: 39088000731141_0031
Image Collection(s):
Cuba ; Earwig ; Cockroach ; Moth
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