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Using Digital Materials from the Smithsonian Institution Libraries

Access to and use of digital image files, text, and data used on this web site are subject to the following terms and conditions. By using these materials, the user is deemed to have consented to the terms and conditions set forth below.

The digital image files and associated text on this web site are the property of the Smithsonian Institution or of other institutions or individuals.

The Smithsonian images are made available for non-commercial educational or personal use only.

Commercial use, copying, or redistribution in any manner for personal or corporate gain, or any other non-educational purpose is not permitted. Any public or commercial use of these materials without prior written permission is a violation of copyright law and may also violate the rights of third parties.

Users may download Smithsonian Institution or Smithsonian Institution Libraries files for their own use, subject to any additional terms or restrictions that may be provided with the individual file or program. These electronic image files, documentation, and software materials may be covered by additional restrictions and/or copyright.

Images and text downloaded for personal or educational use may not be altered in any way, and all relevant copyright and other information must be preserved.

For permission to use digital images not owned by the Smithsonian, requesters should contact the copyright holder directly.

Q. May I print or display some of these images and text out for a report and use them in a classroom?

A. Assuming this is non-commercial academic work, yes. This type of use is encouraged.

Q. May I put these images on a CD-ROM?

A. No, unless prior written permission is obtained from the Smithsonian Institution or the institution that owns the image.

Q. May I use these Smithsonian Institution or Smithsonian Institution Libraries image files in a commercial or trade publication, either print, or CD-ROM or electronic (digital)?

A. If you wish to use any images or files for a commercial product or in a publication, you must first request written permission by contacting or the Smithsonian Office of Product Development and Licensing at 202-287-3620 (phone) or 202-287-3490 (fax).

Permission for such use is granted on a case-by-case basis. A usage or permission fee is charged, the amount depending on the nature of the proposed use.

Digital images copyright 1995-98 Smithsonian Institution. All rights reserved.