Anthropology on the Internet For K-12
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Social/Cultural Anthropology

The Smithsonian's Anthropology Department defines anthropology as "the science that deals with the origins, physical characteristics, and cultural development of humankind." The broad scope of this definition means exploring the Internet for related resources can be both exciting and a little daunting. The Internet's tremendous growth in size and popularity has resulted in the need for assistance in navigating it. The following select list of Web sites, each with a brief annotation, is a sample of what the Internet holds for teachers and students interested in the field of anthropology. The accompanying illustrations are primarily of Smithsonian Institution researchers at work in the field or their laboratories. A full caption for each is available when the illustration is enlarged. Additional Web sites will be included as time for review permits. Suggestions are welcome! Send comments to:

A word of caution: At present there are no gatekeepers (e.g., editors, publishers or systems of peer review) for much of what is on the Internet. Sites can be developed by anyone who has the equipment and know-how. As a result, the quality of information is varied. The following sites were reviewed and selected with this in mind; however, we can not attest to the accuracy of everything presented.

Note: An earlier version of this article was published in the Fall 1996 (vol. 18 No.3) issue of AnthroNotes: National Museum of Natural History Bulletin for Teachers.