Biographies of American Seedsmen and Nurserymen Downing, Charles–(1802-1885)–Newburg, New York–Brother of Andrew Jackson Downing and operated the Downing Nursery with his brother.  At age thirteen he worked part-time in his father’s nursery.  At age twenty he started his own nursery business.  From 1834 until 1839 his brother was a partner in the business.  He was a pomologist, he ran commercial and test orchards for pears, apples, and plums.  Fruits and Fruit Trees of America published by his brother Andrew was largely the work of Charles and he continued working on it and revised it many times.   Sometime after 1850, he sold the nursery to the Saul family, and it was operated under the name of The Highland Nurseries.  A. Saul was in charge, but a brother James Saul represented the firm on the Pacific Coast at Commercial Nurseries in San Francisco.  The Saul family continued to specialize in fruits but listed many ornamental trees and roses.
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