Biographies of American Seedsmen and Nurserymen Hubbard, Theodore S.–(1843-1906)–Fredonia, New York–was born in Cameron, New York.  He was an alumnus of Alfred University.  He was a leading grape grower and authority on grapes in the world.  He established the T. S. Hubbard Co. in Fredonia, NY in 1866.  The company was incorporated in 1887.  The company sold grape vines and small fruits.  In 1901 they had over 100 acres planted.  They were the first nursery to make the growing of native American grape vines a specialty.  Their business extended to every state in the union and to foreign countries as well.  He drafted the constitution of the Association of American Nurserymen and was its chief executive twice.  In 1899 he severed his connection with the T. S. Hubbard Co.
Sources:  APS-1907