Biographies of American Seedsmen and Nurserymen Landreth, David–(1752-?)–Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Bristol, Pennsylvania; Charleston, South Carolina–was born in England in 1752.  He is credited with establishing the first American commercial seed company, D. Landreth & Company.  The brothers, David and Cuthbert, arrived from England in 1784 and began as truck farmers supplying artichokes to French emigres in Pennsylvania.  Their early customers included Washington, Adams, Monroe, and Jefferson.  They began growing flowering shrubs and hothouse exotics in their nursery and greenhouses.  They propagated seeds from the Lewis and Clark expeditions (1803-1806) which brought native shrubs and plants into the commercial trade.  The Landreths introduced the garden tomato in 1820, followed by Landreths’ Extra Early Pea.  Other introductions were the Mexican zinnia and the Bloomsdale spinach.  In 1824 the firm moved to Bristol, Pennsylvania.
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