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Title: Zapatista Documents Collection Highlights
Institution: University of Texas, Austin / Nettie Lee Benson Latin American Collection
Location: United States / Texas / Austin
Subjects: Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional (EZLN or Zapatistas) ; Mexico--History ; Indians of Mexico ; Human rights ; Politics and government ; Social movements ; Chiapas, Mexico
Title: Ze'ev Aleksandrowicz Photo Collection
Institution: National Library of Israel
Location: Israel / Jerusalem
Subjects: Aleksandrowicz, Ze'ev (Wilhelm) ; Photographers ; Documentary photography ; Zionism ; Palestine ; Travel and tourism ; Israel ; Historic buildings ; Portraits ; Hebrew language
Title: Zeransky's Collection of Western Film Ephemera
Institution: / Donald C. & Elizabeth M. Dickinson Research Center
Location: United States / Oklahoma / Oklahoma City
Subjects: Western Americana ; Motion pictures ; Ephemera ; Entertainers ; United States--Social history--20th century ; Popular culture
Title: Zivil Lager (Internment Camp): World War One Prisoners of War at Trial Bay
Institution: New South Wales Migration Heritage Centre and Powerhouse Museum
Location: Australia / New South Wales / Sydney
Subjects: Trial Bay, New South Wales, Australia ; Australia--History--20th century ; World War I ; Internment camps ; Germany ; Politics and government ; Immigrant histories ; Recreation ; Mental illness ; Prisoners of war ; Military history ; Monuments
Title: Lo Zoo di Carta: Gli Animali Tra Realt`a e Fantasia nelle Antiche Edizioni Illustrate della Biblioteca Panizzi
Institution: Biblioteca Panizzi
Location: Italy / Reggio Emilia
Subjects: Natural history ; Animals ; Scientific illustration ;Illustrated books ; Italian literature ; Renaissance literature ; Science fiction and fantasy ; Zoology ; Italian language
Title: Zoomorphic
Institution: Victoria & Albert Museum (V&A)
Location: United Kingdom / England / London
Subjects: Animals ; Architecture ; Design process ; Architects
Title: Zoos: A Historical Perspective
Institution: Smithsonian Institution / Smithsonian Institution Libraries
Location: United States / Washington, D.C.
Subjects: Zoos ; Gardens and gardening ; Animals ; Architecture ; Travel and tourism
Title: Zuazo: arquitecto del Madrid de la II República
Institution: Biblioteca Nacional de España
Location: Spain / Madrid
Subjects: Architecture ; Spanish art ; Urban planning ; Madrid, Spain ; Spain--Social history--20th century ; Zuazo, Secundino ; Architects ; Prieto, Indalecio ; Spanish language
Title: Zuflucht und Sehnsucht – Fremde Dichter in Zurich
Institution: Zentralbibliothek Zurich
Location: Switzerland / Zurich
Subjects: Literature ; Literary history ; Expatriates ; Zurich--History ; Drawings ; Manuscripts ; German language
Title: Zulu: From Tramps to Kings, 100 Years of Zulu
Institution: Louisiana State Museum
Location: United States / Louisiana / Baton Rouge
Subjects: Mardi Gras ; Performing arts ; Clothing and costume ; Vaudeville ; Voluntary associations ; Louisiana ; Popular culture ; Music ; Civil rights ; Social history ; Local history ; Armstrong, Louis ; Charities
Title: Zur Eisenbahngeschichte der Schweiz in den Ersten 50 Jahren des Bundesstaates
Institution: Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich / Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich / Bibliothek
Location: Switzerland / Zurich
Subjects: Trains ; Railroads ; Switzerland--History--19th century ; Infrastructure ; Transportation ; Politics and government ; Engineering ; Drawings ; German language
Title: Zusters uit Suriname
Institution: Internationaal Instituut voor Sociale Geschiedenis (IISG) / International Institute of Social History (Amsterdam) / Historisch Beeldarchief Migranten
Location: Netherlands / Amsterdam
Subjects: Nurses and nursing ; Netherlands ; Surinam ; Women's history ; Portraits ; Dutch language
Title: Zwangsarbeit, Hagen 1939-1945 / Forced Labor in Hagen 1939-1945
Institution: Historisches Centrum Hagen / Historical Center Hagen
Location: Germany / Hagen
Subjects: Forced labor camps ; World War II ; Armaments industry ; Hagen, Germany ; Germany--History--20th century ; Prisoners of war ; Nazi regime ; German language
Title: Een Zwarte Bladzijde uit de Geschiedenis van de UB Leiden
Institution: Universiteit Leiden / Universiteitsbibliotheek Leiden
Location: Netherlands / Leiden
Subjects: Universiteit Leiden / University of Leiden ; Netherlands--History--20th century ; World War II ; Libraries and library buildings ; College and university life ; Librarians ; Jewish life and culture ; Nazi regime ; Dutch language
Title: Zwölf Jahrhunderte Musik in Zurich
Institution: Zentralbibliothek Zurich
Location: Switzerland / Zurich
Subjects: Music--History ; Zurich--History ; Music--Zurich ; Sheet music ; Manuscripts ; Prints ; German language
Title: ZYX: An Exhibition of Selected ABC Books from the Jean Trebbi Collection
Institution: Broward County Library (Florida) / Bienes Museum of the Modern Book, The Dianne and Michael Bienes Special Collections and Rare Book Library
Location: United States / Florida / Fort Lauderdale
Subjects: Alphabet books ; Book arts ; ABC books