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"Free Access" databases are in the public domain and can be used from any computer. “SI Only” are "paid" databases which can be accessed only from a networked computer at the Smithsonian Institution. Databases available have been organized into tabbed groupings to help users focus on particular subjects or to be able to restrict their databases to those available at “SI Only” or to “Free Access” databases. Simply click on the appropriate tab to produce the desired list.Most of the databases included here provide some sort of online help screens once the searcher enters. Please feel free to contact any SIL staff member for assistance and questions. You may e-mail such questions to

Additional specific web sites which may be of assistance include the following:


All That JAS: Journal Abbreviation Sources

America: History and Life User Guides

BiblioLine/NISC Help/Tutorial (for Fish & Fisheries and Wildlife & Ecology Studies)

DOAJ: Directory of Open Access Journals

GeoRef Previews Database

How to Cite Electronic Resources (Library of Congress)

Medline/PubMed HELP

Medline/MESH HELP and MESH Video

ProQuest Training Resource Center (for Historical Newspapers)

RLG Online Databases

Silverplatter Help Page (for Biological Abstracts, GeoRef and Zoological Record)

WilsonWeb Tutorial/Tip Sheets (for Art Full Text, Art Retrospective and Readers Guide)

Web of Science (Support and Training Materials)

WorldCat/OCLC FirstSearch Online Reference


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Electronic resources for which SIL pays a fee to vendors have various licensing constraints; some are explicitly restricted to our Authorized Users. Authorized Users are those individuals officially affiliated with the Smithsonian Institution, for example, those registered library patrons serving in the capacity of full or part time employees, fellows, interns, individuals under contract, and other registered patrons who are assigned to an authorized Smithsonian site. Non SI affiliated library users may access SIL purchased electronic resources only when they are using terminals physically located in the library.

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