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Title: OCLC Systems & Services (not renewed for 2010)
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Terms for Usage:
Licensor: Emerald
Authorized Users: Authorized Users are those individuals officially affiliated with the Smithsonian Institution, registered library patrons serving in the capacity of full or part time employees, fellows, interns, individuals under contract, and other registered patrons who are assigned to an authorized Smithsonian site. Non SI affiliated library users may access this electronic resource on site.
Interlibrary Loan Terms: Interlibrary loan is allowed as permitted under Copyright Law. Another library may be supplied a single paper copy of an electronic original of an individual document being part of the Licensed Materials. Supply shall be by post, fax or secure transmission (using Ariel or its equivalent, whereby the electronic file is deleted immediately after printing) for the purposes of research or private study and not for commercial use.
General Notes: Authorized Users may print off single copies of parts of the Licensed Materials and distribute single copies of parts of the Licensed Materials in print or electronic form to other Authorised Users. For permission required to republish, copy, distribute, abride, translate, or otherwise reproduce Emerald content see "Permissions" and Emerald's "Standard Terms and Conditions" on the Emerald website or contact Emerald.
Resource Type: E-Journal
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