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Martin Zeiller. Topographia Galliae,(Topography of Gaul). 1655-61. Martin Zeiller. Topographia Galliae,(Topography of Gaul). 1655-61.

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In every age, pioneers pushed beyond their own boundaries to chart new lands and observe exotic plants, animals, and peoples. Bernhard von Breydenbach. Peregrinatio in terram sanctam.  1486Although nations undertook the great voyages of exploration primarily to expand their territories, scientific and artistic discoveries also abounded. Voyagers returned with specimens from the natural world, which scholars cataloged and organized. Natural history museums around the world now house the specimens they collected and recorded.

Scientists and artists were essential partners in these expeditions, collaborating with writers and printers to record and depict the expanding world in lavishly illustrated volumes of great beauty. Their work remains of unparalleled value to scientists, historians, and many others.

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