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Doodles, Drafts, and Designs: Industrial Drawings from the Smithsonian  
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Working It Out


These are beautiful, impressive drawings, for a reason. They were drawn to impress their viewers, perhaps to sell them something, or to persuade them.

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125,000-HP hydraulic scheme for Niagara Falls, 1890
Faesch & Piccard, Geneva, Switzerland
ink and watercolor on paper

1500-kW steam turbine alternator for Hartford Electric Light Co., 1899
Westinghouse Machine Co., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
ink on paper

Brown Instrument Company, Brown Pyrometers
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, about 1924

Cross-compound pumping machine, 1897
Holly Manufacturing Company, Lockport, New York
ink on linen

Erie Meter Systems, Modern Sales Equipment for Modern Stations
Erie, Pennsylvania, and Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1930s

Fire insurance map for Pratt, Read & Company keyboard factory, Deep River, Connecticut, 1921>
Factory Insurance Association
printed ink on paper

"For sale, junk," 1923
serigraph on paper

Kalamazoo Tank & Silo Co.
Kalamazoo, Michigan, about 1909

“Labor Day: all who work seriously celebrate Labor Day,” 1923
serigraph on paper

Lifting cam, 1907
Providence Engineering Works, Providence, Rhode Island
ink on linen

Notebook of Hendrick Manufacturing Co.,
Carbondale, Pennsylvania, 1890-1891

“On production it’s smart to dress the part, like this, not this,” 1940s
Pratt, Read and Company, Deep River, Connecticut
colored pencil on paper

Patent drawing for water wheel, 1838
Samuel B. Howd, Geneva, New York
ink and watercolor on paper

Patent drawing of bowl and cover, 1957
Earl S. Tupper, Leominster, Massachusetts
printed ink on paper

Piano action, 1906
Pratt, Read and Company, Deep River, Connecticut
printed ink on paper

Presentation boards for Singer sewing machine handle, 1977
Henry Dreyfuss Associates, New York, New York
ink and colored pencil paper

Proposal for an “American Tower,” 1891
George S. Morison, Chicago, Illinois
ink on linen

Proposed elevation for Grand Central Terminal Station, 42nd Street, 1904
ink and watercolor on linen

Proposed elevation for Grand Central Terminal Station, Vanderbilt Avenue, 1905
ink and watercolor on linen

Rail mill engine for Bethlehem Iron Company, about 1873
Alexander Lyman Holley, Providence, Rhode Island
ink on paper

Shop drawing cards, 1857
Baldwin Locomotive Works, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
ink on board

"Spoiled work hurts everybody," 1923
serigraph on paper

The Super-Elto
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1927