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National Intelligencer
October 16, 1835

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We were told a few days since in Washington, that a gentleman of Paris had left, by his will, about ONE MILLION of Dollars, for the purpose of endowing a National University in that city. We learned also that the constituted authorities of the city had received official information of the fact, with a copy of the will. The Alexandria Gazette alludes to the rumor. Could not the National Intelligencer satisfy the public curiosity on the subject?

----Fredricksburg Arena.

We have the pleasure to inform our friend of the Arena, that we believe his intelligence is substantially correct. We learn that information has been received by the Government, that such a bequest was made by some English gentleman of fortune, and that the sum of 200,000 pounds sterling will in all probability inure to this city for the erection and endowment of a University. The money, we understand, was bequeathed in the first instance to the only son of the testator, but in case of his death without heir, to go to the City of Washington for the purpose above stated. That contingency occurred, and the princely legacy accrues to the city. It is probable that the President will communicate the fact to Congress early in the next session.

The LEGACY. -- We understand that it would be more accurate to say, that the English legacy of £200,000 was bequeathed "to the United States, for the purpose of establishing a University at the seat of government for the promotion of arts and sciences." The money, we are informed, is in the hands of the Lord Chancellor of England, ready to be paid over conformably to the will, which fact he has communicated to our government, with a copy of the will.

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