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Journal of Matthew Stirling
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April 18, 1926 : Ambon

April 18th

I got up at 9:30 this morning after my nearly all night session at the club to find my hopeful convict on the job but my brain has not yet devised an occupation for him. I thought he must be lonely spending all this time by himself, as my room is in a far corner of the court. Jordan and Hoffman have adjoining rooms on the opposite side where their two convicts sit together. I told my boy to go and join them, which he did with apparent reluctance and with a hurt look in his eye. This afternoon we went out to the "Panther", one of the destroyers visiting Ambon and looked over the ship. It has been raining all day and it has been difficult to get around very much. Le Roux has brought his phonograph over to the hotel so tonight we had an Edison concert with such optimistic pieces as "It aint gonna rain no more" and "Mr. Gallegher and Mr. Shean".

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