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Journal of Matthew Stirling
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April 21, 1926 : Ambon

April 21st

I visited Mr. Kieviet, Captain of the Fomalhout, at his house here today. He showed me the inner workings of the nutmeg and his wife gave me a basket of alligator pears to bring home. Made friends with Hazel, a little six year old English girl living with them who has forgotten most of her English.

This noon we placed a wreath on the grave of Lieut. Stroeve, who accompanied Doorman on the last expedition to the Rouffar [sic, = Rouffaer] and who was killed there, on the Waipogo river by the Papuans. The little ceremony was quite impressive. Dr. van Leeuwen gave a short talk and the First Officer of the "Java" replied for the Navy, (Stroeve being a naval lieutenant). Van Leeuwen, le Roux, Captain Hoffman, Lieut. Jordans, Stanley and myself were present, as well as the First Officer of the Java. This evening Dick, Hans, Stanley and I went aboard the {p. 27} submarine X9 and were shown over her from stem to stern. The Java and the destroyers sailed from Ambon this morning but subs remain until to-morrow.

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