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September 23, 1926 : Explorators Camp/Tombe Village

September 23

A big new delegation arrived today from Agintawa and also a dozen men of pygmy type from "Uabu" a village considerably to the south. There was a great deal of finger popping on the arrival of these latter, whom Igoon seemed genuinely glad to see. They are bearded men with the exception of three or four young ones and affect the style prevalent here of shaving the moustache and letting the beard grow wild. There must have been a hundred men in camp today. There was also a new woman visitor from Agintawa with two very solemn girls, apparently twins, of about 8 years of age. This afternoon two Dyaks returned from Saleh who is camped just over the ridge from Damunaru. Tomorrow I will go with 3 Dyaks and 2 convicts and supplies for both Saleh and myself for a week. I will then go on up the Delo River and Saleh will climb a high peak for topographic observations. As there might be another transport here about the 1st of the month I will try and return by then. Jordans and le Roux will remain here. To add to the excitement, the regular transport arrived from Head Camp, reporting very high water in the Rouffaer and that Dick and Stan had been unable to get to Head Camp on that account. Neither had the mail, so we had another disappointment. {p. 261}

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