"By Aeroplane to Pygmyland" Accounts of the 1926 Smithsonian-Dutch Expedition to New Guinea

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Journal of Matthew Stirling
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September 30, 1926 : Damuneru Village ; Explorators Camp/Tombe Village

September 30

This morning was again clear by schedule and I checked up on my map made at Tombage. We then went on through Damuneru and at 10:30 or eleven reached camp at the same time that Dick and Stan with their transport from below, arrived. They brought the mail with them, so for the second time since coming to New Guinea we enjoyed the luxury of reading the post. About noon Saleh arrived from the West with his patrol which had started the same day as I, and to make the reunion complete, Van Leeuwen and transport arrived from below at about three o'clock in the afternoon. The camp now presents a busy aspect and the carriers will have to be sent back quickly or there will be no food here. It was a busy day with the newcomers getting established, gossipying [sic] about the news from here and below, reading the mail and all the rest.

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