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January 23, 1927 : Return to Batavia, Java

January 23

We docked at Soerabaia on Christmas day and enjoyed our first touch of civilization in nine months. We remained there for two days, van Leeuwen taking the train for Buitenzorg while le Roux, Dick, Stan, Prince and I stayed on the Wega, arriving at Batavia on the 30th. We were given a nice reception at the dock and on the boat on our arrival by the Indian Committee who turned out in force to greet us. Van Leeuwen was there also, as was Dr. Bijlmer.

At the consulate we had some mail from home and learned that Hans had died of typhoid fever at Alexandria, Egypt, on his way home. We remained in Batavia until the 11th, when we sailed on the "Tasman", arriving at Singapore the morning of the 13th just two hours before sailing on the President Adams for the last lap on our way to New York. [Signature of M.W. Stirling ]

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