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Journal of Matthew Stirling
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June 17, 1926 : Albatross Camp (Base Camp) ; Mamberamo River ; Airplane Flights ; Papuans of Bisano

June 17th

Last night we visited le Roux'[s] house and had a final get together party with van Leeuwen and Jordans. A couple of bottles of wine were opened and a couple of hours were spent in exchanging stories. This morning van Leeuwen and Jordans left with Ipoei's Dyaks for Motor camp, with the canoe transport loaded principally with gasoline for the motor boats and the luggage of van Leeuwen. I spent most of the day with Hans at the plane. She is now in tip top shape and if the weather permits, Hans and Prince will start flying to Batavia Camp again tomorrow. Our Bisano friends who visit us now almost daily went past the {p. 127} plane in their canoe this evening and I thought what a contrast the picture suggested in methods of transportation - civilization and savagery. They make a picturesque sight in their canoes - dressed in their savage finery, all carrying their long bows and arrows - the canoe bristling with armament like a young battleship.

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