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"By Aeroplane to Pygmyland" Accounts of the 1926 Smithsonian-Dutch Expedition to New Guinea

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Location Subject:
Papuans of Bisano
Captions [about captions]
Same as W055
Bisano; group
A group of men under the men’s house watching the approach of our party under the guidance of a member of their own tribe. They are still somewhat suspicious. The Kawerawet subsist principally upon sago and might be said to practice agriculture to a very limited degree, in so much as they grow a few banana and papaya trees and some sweet potatoes in the immediate vicinity of their village. This constitutes a very unimportant portion of their food supply, however. Their principal game consists of kangaroos, wild boars, cassowaries, and birds of many sorts.
Quote from Stirling Journal:
This is the men's house and women are not permitted to enter it. (May 27)

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