"By Aeroplane to Pygmyland" Accounts of the 1926 Smithsonian-Dutch Expedition to New Guinea

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Return to Batavia, Java
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From left to right: Dr. J. Boerema- Director of Meteorological Observatory C.C.F.M. Leroux - As’st. Director Batavian Museum H. Bisschop Van Tuinen, Director Government Ma [? cut off] Dr. W. M. Docteurs van Leeuwen – [Director] Beutenzorg Botanical C.W.A.M. Groskamp - Pres. Factory Nederlandsche Handelmaats Dr. van Tricht - Physician & Surgeon Albert Edward Hamer - Liberty Motor expert L.A.C.M. Doorman, Dutch Navy Lieut., & famous New Guinea...[? cut off] N. van Zalinge, Pres. & Dir. K.P.M. Steamship Co. A. M. Hens - Lid van de Raad van Indie [sic] (2nd in rank, Governor Gene[ral] M. W. Stirling; Mr. L.J.A. Trip - Pres. & Dir. of Java Bank Prof. Dr. B.J.O. Schrieke, Director, Batavia Museum Dr. Bijlmar, Dutch Army Medical Capt. Accompanied Doorman on last expedition to New Guinea. S. A. Hedberg –
Dinner given by Stirling Expedition to New Guinea upon their return to Batavia, Java, to members of Indian Com. for scientific Research in appreciation [of] their splendid co-operation. Jan. 1927.

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