"By Aeroplane to Pygmyland" Accounts of the 1926 Smithsonian-Dutch Expedition to New Guinea

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Map 2: "Map of the Mamberamo River, Netherlands New Guinea"
  1. Soeroei (Soeroe), Japen
  2. Mamberamo River
  3. Albatross Camp (Base Camp)
  4. Papuans of Bisano
  5. Batavia Camp
  6. Van der Willigen River
  7. Junction of the Rouffaer and Van Daalen Rivers
  8. Rouffaer River
  9. Motor Camp
  10. Brown River
  11. Head Camp (Lower & Upper)
  12. Overland Trail/Upper Rouffaer/Nogullo River
  13. Explorators Camp/Tombe Village
  14. Tombage
  15. Agintawa District

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