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The following new SIRIS-iPac features are available to Smithsonian Institution Libraries (SIL) cardholders. Anyone with a valid card can use your account number to request SIL books from other branches. (If you can't locate your card, ask someone in the branch to help you with this). These new features are available on the "My Account" link, located on the catalog toolbar at the top of the page.

The Login page logs you into your individual user account (called "My Account"). Your user account links to an overview of your account, and you can also see titles already charged out to your account, holds you have placed on books already checked out by other patrons, blocks on your account, and your library user profile information.

  • CHECKED OUT. This link lets you view a list of all library items charged to your library account. Also, this feature allows you to renew all titles you already have checked out before they are due. *However, if you have more than 50 titles charged out, if you want to renew all of them, contact your branch librarian for assistance.
  • HOLDS. This link shows you the status of all items that you have already requested. Through this feature, you can also activate, suspend, or cancel hold requests. *A Hold does not recall a title that is already checked out to another patron. Instead, when the title is returned, it will be set aside for you to pick it up in the branch.
  • BLOCKS. The Blocks page lists all the activities on your account, such as cancelled holds, overdue notices, or other messages from the library that affects your borrowing privileges.
  • PROFILE. This link allows you to view your current user profile, and to request updates for that information. The user profile includes basic contact information including your name, Smithsonian address, office telephone number, email address, and your library card expiration date. Please contact SIL branch staff immediately if your profile information has changed and needs updating. This link allows you to change your SI e-mail address and to alert staff that other information in your profile needs to be updated.

You can access the SIL iPac catalog through SIRIS at