The Form and Function of Scientific Discoveries

Kenneth L. Caneva

Dibner Library Lecture, Smithsonian Institution Libraries, November 16, 2000

D. Dibner and K. Caneva

Kenneth L. Caneva (on the right in this photograph) is a Professor in the Department of History, University of North Carolina at Greensboro. His publications include Robert Mayer and the Conservation of Energy (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1993) and more than 30 articles, reviews, essays, and commentaries. Caneva earned his Ph.D. at Princeton University, where his principal work was in nineteenth-century physics. He was a Fulbright Fellow at the Technische Hochschule in Munich, Germany for a year, and has received a number of awards and honors. He was awarded a grant for the Smithsonian Institution Libraries Dibner Library Resident Scholar program in Washington, D.C. and has been a research fellow at the Dibner Institute of the History of Science and Technology in Cambdrige, Massachusetts.

David Dibner (left in the photo) is President of The Dibner Fund.