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U.S.-Mexico Border Issues:

A Selected Bibliography from the Smithsonian Institution Libraries' Collections

This bibliography includes selected print and electronic sources related to U.S.-Mexico border issues that are available at the Smithsonian Institution Libraries, as well as various academic and public libraries. The materials encompass a variety of disciplines including history, political science, health science, economics, society and culture, and the arts. The bibliography is divided into six major sections:

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** Online journals and databases are accessible to users at the Smithsonian Institution. Library users not physically at the Smithsonian Institution should consult with their local academic and public libraries for availability of online resources.

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Relevant Subject Headings

Listed below are the Library of Congress subject headings used to locate sources listed in this bibliography. These subject headings may be used to locate additional sources. In addition, one can use broader terms or specific location names followed by subheadings (Examples: Labor—Mexican American Border Region; Education—Mexican American Border Region; Tijuana—Social Conditions; Mexican Americans—Texas). This is a selected list of subject headings.

Big Bend Region Border Patrols--United States
Cities and towns--Mexican American Border Region Folk Literature, American--Texas
Folk Literature--Mexican Folk Songs--Mexico
Lower Rio Grande Valley (Tex.) Mexican-American Border Region
Mexicans--Southwest, New Mexicans--United States
Mexico--Boundaries--United States Mexico--History
Mexico, North Rio Grande Region
Southwest, New Southwest, Old
United States--Boundaries--Mexico United States--Relations--Mexico
United States and Mexican Boundary Survey Water Rights

Monographs (Annotated list)

Monographs (Non-annotated)



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Compiled by Celia C. Perez
Smithsonian Institution Libraries Intern

University of South Florida
School of Library and Information Science
Summer 2000

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