Join us for a Tweetup at the Smithsonian Libraries’ Book Conservation Lab!

April 26th, 2012 from 12:30 pm to 3 pm

To celebrate Preservation Week, ten lucky Twitter followers will be selected to participate the Smithsonian Libraries’ first-ever Preservation Tweetup. As a Tweetup participant, you will get special access to the SIL Book Conservation Lab and be able to talk with and watch demonstrations by conservation staff.

Demonstration and discussion of book conservation activities will include:

In addition, the preservation staff will be directing participants through instruction of emergency response and disaster recovery of library collections in honor of May Day 2012, an annual initiative to protect cultural heritage from disasters.

Registration is open until April 6th, 2012. Click here to register. 10 lucky participants will be chosen.

What will I experience at the Tweetup?
This exclusive tour will allow up to 10 @SILibraries Twitter followers the chance to tour our Book Conservation Lab in Landover, Maryland. You will see the tools and techniques our conservators use to save our collections as well as get a chance to chat with our staff about how you can care for your own books. You will also have the opportunity to tweet questions ahead of time.

Terms and Conditions:

Entrants must have an active Twitter account that follows@SILibrariesand be 21 years of age or older to be eligible for selection to attend the Tweetup. Registration is for one person only and is not transferable.

If you are selected for a Tweetup but cannot attend, please let the Smithsonian know and your space will be given to another registrant on the waitlist.

Tweetup participants are responsible for their own expenses for travel, accommodations, food and incidentals (unless otherwise indicated, e.g. food, may be provided for a specific event). Please let the Smithsonian know if you have any special needs, dietary requirements, or accessibility requirements prior to arriving for the event.

Some events and participants scheduled to appear at the Tweetup are subject to change without notice. The Smithsonian is not responsible for loss or damage incurred as a result of attending. The Smithsonian, moreover, is not responsible for loss or damage incurred in the event it cancels the event with limited or no notice. The Smithsonian reserves the right to exclude any person whose actions in any way interfere with the proper operation of the Tweetup, do not comply with Smithsonian policies or specific instructions when behind the scenes, or otherwise acts in an unsportsmanlike or disruptive manner. All decisions of the Smithsonian are final. Please plan accordingly.

On the day of the Tweetup, registrants must show a government issued ID (driver's license or passport) that matches the name provided on the registration. Those without proper identification cannot be admitted. All Tweetup participants will be asked to sign a release form allowing the Smithsonian to use images or video taken of you and tweets sent by you during the event.


What is a Tweetup?
A Tweetup is an informal meeting of people who use the social messaging medium Twitter. Smithsonian Tweetups provide @SILibraries followers with the opportunity to go behind-the-scenes at the Smithsonian Libraries, see our collections, interact with our experts and sometimes meet special guests. Participants can expect an hour-long tour, half or full-day experience with a schedule chock full of activities, talk with other @SILibraries twitter followers, and meet the staff behind @SILibraries and their social media outreach.

How do I register?
Registration opens on this page for a set period of time. Tweetup participants are selected from those who sign up on the web. Additional registrants are placed on a waiting list.

Do I need to have a Twitter account to register for a Smithsonian Tweetup?
Yes, Smithsonian Tweetups are designed for active Twitter users who follow @SILibraries. The goal of our Tweetups is to allow people who regularly interact with the Museum and each other via Twitter to meet in person and share the experience of visiting the Smithsonian’s collections, experts, and programs.

What are Smithsonian Tweetup registration requirements?
By registering for a Smithsonian Tweetup, you are indicating your intention to travel to the site of the event and attend in person. You are responsible for your own expenses for travel, accommodation, food and other amenities. You will need to provide government-issued identification (driver's license or passport) that matches the name provided on the registration.

Can I register if I am not a U.S. citizen?
Yes, non-U.S. citizens may register to attend Smithsonian Tweetups

When and how will I know if I am selected?
After registration closes, an e-mail with confirmation information and additional instructions will be sent to those selected as well as those on a short waitlist. If you are on the waitlist, you may receive an invitation only if someone on the original selection list cancels and a space opens up.

What if I cannot travel to the Tweetup?
If you cannot attend in person, please do not register for the Tweetup. However, you can still plan to follow along with the event on Twitter via @SILibraries or using the event hashtag provided above.

How can I get in touch with other Tweetup participants?
Once the participants have been selected, we will create a Twitter list that includes those selected to attend the event. By registering for this event you understand that you will be included in the list of Tweetup participants and that you will be able to find other Tweetup participants there, or by following the tweetup hashtag provided for the event.

Can I bring friends or family members to the Tweetup with me?
No, Tweetup activities may only be attended by selected participants.

What else should I know?
You will be asked to sign a release form allowing the Smithsonian to use your tweets and any images or video taken of you during the event.

Have a question or need more information? Contact Erin

SIL is using SurveyMonkey, a third-party web-based survey tool, to collect contact information for potential attendees. Please be advised that SurveyMonkey’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use apply to data provided to SurveyMonkey by respondents to this survey. In addition, SIL will be using Twitter for this Tweetup and tour. Please be advised that Twitter’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply to your use of that service. Any data that the SIL collects is subject to our Privacy Statement.

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