The Sewing Machine: its invention and development Introduction by Barbara Suit Janssen
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Table of Contents

Title Page

Chapter 1. Early Efforts
Chapter 2. Elements of a Successful Machine
Chapter 3. The "Sewing-Machine Combination"
Chapter 4. Less-Expensive Machines

I. Notes on the Development and Commercial Use of the Sewing Machine
II. American Sewing-Machine Companies of the 19th Century
III. Sewing-Machine Styles
IV. 20th-Century Sewing Machines
V. Chronological List of U.S. Sewing-Machine Patent Models in the Smithsonian Collections
VI. 19th-Century Sewing-Machine Leaflets in the Smithsonian Collections
VII. A Brief History of Cotton Thread
VIII. Biographical Sketches


Geographical Index to Companies Listed in Appendix II
Alphabetical Index to Patentees Listed in Appendix V
General Index to Chapters 1-4