About Company Names

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Standard Company Names
For the purpose of grouping together variants of a company's name, "Standard Company Names" have been created. Thus "Remington Sewing Machine Company", "Remington Works" and "E. Remington and Sons" are all grouped under "Remington Sewing Machine Company." Companies are alphabetized by the first significant letter of the name. In the case of companies named after individuals, the company names are alphabetized by the surname, e.g. "A.H. Supplee" is filed under "S". Please select "Company Name on Item" for a list of company names as transcribed from the item.

Company Name on Item
Company names are listed in strict alphabetical order by the name that appears on the material. Thus, "A.H. Supplee" will appear before "Central Necktie Machine Company". Additionally, alternate forms of the same company name (e.g. "Brosius Sewing Machine and Motor Company" and "Brosius Sewing Machine and Motor Oil of Chicago") are both listed.

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