About Searching

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You may search the materials via a number of fields. These include: Keywords in Title, Keywards in Company Name, Keywords in Machine Models, Descriptive Notes, and Keywords Anywhere.

Titles: Materials may have both a title and a subtitle. A search of this field will search against both fields. For certain materials, e.g. trade cards, titles have been created. These are indicated in the records by square brackets (i.e. [Trade card featuring a frog, wearing clothes, lounging in the sun]).

Company Names: Searches on this field will include both the Authorized Company name as well as the name that appears on the material.

Machine Models: In many items, the specific machine model is listed. When more than one machine is listed, these machine names or models are indicated in this field. Machines are listed as found on the piece (e.g. "14", "11w6", or "Lockstitch Long Arm Tucking Machine with Automatic lubrication").

Descriptive Notes: Brief summaries are provided for many pieces with notes and keywords, e.g. "Trade card featuring a woman driving a team of horses, carrying in the chariot a New Home sewing machine and a banner 'Victory for the New Home Machine'."

Keyword Anywhere: Will search the two Title fields, the Machine Model, and Descriptive Notes fields.

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