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Charles Wilkes, in the first volume of the Narrative, lists the officers and men who served during the cruise of the United States Exploring Expedition. The following data is drawn from Wilkes' lists. Please note that many men are not assigned to any specific vessel and others served on more than one. Terminology used in the "Notes" field is that of Charles Wilkes.
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U.S.S. Vincennes (sloop of war) {about the vessel}
U.S.S. Peacock (sloop of war) {about the vessel}
U.S.S. Relief (storeship) {about the vessel}
U.S. Brig Porpoise (brig) {about the vessel}
U.S. Schooner Sea Gull (tender) {about the vessel}
U.S. Schooner Flying Fish (tender) {about the vessel}
Oregon (transport) {about the vessel}

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