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New-York American

January 26, 1830

In the London Times of 10th December last, we find the following statement respecting a will, whereby, in certain contingencies the property of the testator is destined to found "an institution at Washington [in the United States] to be called the Smithsonian Institution for the increase and diffusion of knowledge among men." 

[from the Times of 10th December 1829]

(Will of the late James Smithson, Esq.)--The will of the late James Smithson, Esq., was proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, and probate granted to Messrs. Drummonds, the executors, on the 4th of November last. The effects were under 120,000.

The will is in the hand-writing of the testator, and is dated the 23rd of October, 1826, and commences as follows--

"I, James Smithson (son of Hugh, First Duke of Northumberland, and Elizabeth, heiress of the Hungerfords of Studley, and niece to Charles, the proud Duke of Somerset) do this 23rd day of October, 1826, make this my last will and testament as follows." The testator, after having devised the whole of his property to Messers. Drummonds, his bankers, in trust for the purposes thereafter named, and having devised the whole of this property under the management of the Court of Chancery . . . ."

[Text of will follows in this newspaper account]

Transcript Draft version of
Smithson's will

in his own hand, 1826

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