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Collier, Delinda, 1973- Repainting the walls of Lunda: information colonialism and Angolan art. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2016. 253 pp. illus. bibliog. ND2867.6.A52 L863 2016 AFA. OCLC 904905035.

Chokwe art is appropriated by Angolan artists as their national heritage—notably the symbols and pictograms on the painted murals first documented by José Redinha’s Paredes pintadas da Lunda (1953).

Chronicling the publication and dissemination of José Redhinha’s Paredes pintadas da Lunda (Painted walls of Lunda), Delinda Collier analyzes two-dimensional images of the Chokwe peoples of northeastern Angola and their subsequent formats, from post-independent canvas paintings to Internet images. Collier argues that the logic of reproductive media envelops the past: each mediation adds another layer of context and content. –publisher's website.

Contents: Diamang as apparatus : the production of painted walls of Lunda in 1953 -- The myth of analog Africa : the transition to information colonialism -- Rebouco : post-independence art and Angolan socialism -- "Rescue and visibility" : the digitization of painted walls of Lunda and postwar Angolan art.

Memory and magic: contemporary art of the !Xun & Khwe / edited by Hella Rabbethge-Schiller. Johannesburg, South Africa: Jacana Media, 2006. 114pp. illus. (pt. color), bibl. refs. N7391.7.M46 2006 AFA. OCLC 69309958.

Ten of the eleven San artists in this volume were born in Angola (the last, in Namibia). All have been displaced by war and are now relocated to the Northern Cpae of South Africa. They are part of the !Xun and Khwe Cultural Project, which provides not only an outlet to their creativity but equally, a livelihood. The paintings and prints depict both their old ways of life (memory, myth, folklore), but also show visually the trauma and dislocation of the present and recent past.

The featured artists are Julietta Calimbwe, Katunga Carimbwe, Joao W. Dikuanga, Andry Kashivi, Bongi Kasiki, Ferciano Ndala, Bernardo Rumao, Stefaans Samcuia, Kunyanda Shikamo, Flai Shippa, and Alois Sijaja.

Mixinge, Adriano. Made in Angola: arte contemporânea, artistas e debates. Paris: Harmattan, 2009. 306pp. NX589.6.A5M58 2009 AFA. OCLC 320878157.

Art critic Adriano Mixinge pieces together his earlier writings into a history of modern and contemporary Angolan art. The result is more resource book to be dipped into rather than a coherent seamless narrative. A number of well known Angolan artists are singled out as are the Luanda Triennial and the 2007 “Check List Luanda Pop.” No illustrations.

Reviewed in Africa e Mediterraneo: cultura e società (Bologna) 9 (3-4) nos. 69-70, April 2010, page 112.

Premio Ensa-arte '98 / [coordenação François Gonot; com a participação de Direcção Geral da Ensa ... [et al.]; catalogo fotografia, Jean-Charles Perrin; com o apoio do Centro Cultural Português/Instituto Camões, Luanda]. [Luanda, Angola: Instituto Camões: Ministerio dos Negocios Estrangeiros, 1998]. 23 pp. chiefly color illus. ND1099.A5P74 1998 AFA. OCLC 41567473.

Prémio Ensa-Arte '98 was a national art competition held in Angola, the first of which was in 1996. Offering awards for painting and sculpture, Prémio Ensa-Arte '98 featured fifty-one artists. Only the prize-winning works are illustrated in this catalog. The top award for painting went to Jorge Gumbe and for sculpture, to Afó.